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Good time of the week. The body of BTR-3DA is made of "NATO" steel. Policy news


In addition, passed by the resolution of the Crimean Anti-Terrorism Court, Patriarch Bartholomew has appealed against Ukraine. New sanctions on the Russian federation were offered because of "election" in the ORDLO in the US.

The "NATO" key of the key created an experimental body of BTR-3DA

The Kyiv plantation test is from the construction of the BTR-DWA building. Thousands of weapons will be sent to test sites under the Ministry of Defense to build over 1,800 homes. Corp shoots from different weapons, especially from a large caliber machine gun.

According to reports from the Ukraine website, Vold Corps can use the keyword cover plant BTR-DLA and other vehicles. The production of this fighter aircraft will be significantly expanded. Russia's offensive is high in the battlefield.

The BTR-3DA 30mm automatic ZTM-1 can be equipped with a Sturm-M fighting system, with 330 round guns per minute, machine gun and an automatic grenade launcher. A modern digital complex with a laser range finder and a gun stabilizer can be targeted to achieve higher accuracy and accuracy in all therar mode. Additionally, BTR-3 advanced anti-adversary vehicle with a high tank tank tank complex barrier that destroys up to 5 km of vehicles.

MIC Enterprises VS new batch weapons and military equipment was handed over to VSU

Photo: Ukroboronprom

Ucorbørnromom Enterprises, Ukrainian Senator's Vehicle Private Enterprise and several dozen weapons and military equipment were transferred to the Ukrainian army. Especially tanks, stationed officers, armored vehicles, and highly accurate tank missile systems.

In the Extension GKKB Luch, the Ukrainian army has two dozens of high-end TCS tanks, "Stugna-P", three dozen "corsees", as well as the mobile radar station "Delta" Radiolocation, developed and built by the Research Institute of Radar Systems.

Five modern BTR-3s were handed over to the Ukrainian Army for a modern T-72K commander tank for specially trained military educational institutions and T-72 tanks. With the dynamic protection of the new generation "knife", it has also been installed on "Optlot" and "Bullet". The commander machine is equipped with modern methods of secure digital communications and satellite navigation.

The "Ukrainian vehicles" were handed over to military 6 special vehicles to carry "news", "novelator" and "82 mm" motors "UP-82".

In 2018, the OzurBoronmorom companies provided more than 3,500 heavily armed and military equipment to the Ukrainian army. More than 2000 new and modern weapons.

The UN decided to mark Crimea as it temporarily abused the Russian time

Photo: MFA press service

The Third Committee of the United Nations, supported by the resolution "Sevastopol of Ukraine in the Crimea of ​​the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Human Rights" This is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

This document defines illegally incorporating Crimea into Russia, which defines the breach of international law. Crimea and the Russian Federation temporarily recommend the city of Sevastopol in Ukraine and "Crimea" in their official records, all international organizations used in messages and publications, and special agencies in the United Nations, and for all states and other international organizations.

This document emphasizes the need for the immediate release of Ukrainian citizens in Crimea and Russia. There are cases in which Oleg Sentov, Vladimir Baluk, Emir Pappan Kuk and other political prisoners are involved. In addition, the Committee demands Russia to take all steps to end human rights violations and ceasefire violations by the residents of the Crimea.

In the resolution, the Third Commission of the United Nations, the Russian Federation and the State Department of Justice, condemns the illegal regime. In order to keep rules in Crimea before the Occupation, Russia requires Russia to meet its commitment to its international obligations under international law.

The resolution was supported by 67 states, while 26 protesters protested and 82 delegates stayed away. Belarus, Bolivia, Venezuela, Armenia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Nicaragua, Serbia and Syria are not supported.

Two further decisions will be taken in the framework of the 73rd session of the United Nations in December. One of them is referring to human rights violations in occupation cure. The second is the Black Sea region and Sacco Azovu.

The Patriarch of all time addressed Bartholomew Ukraine

The Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew, turned to Ukraine and promised to help resolve church problems. Appeal's text was published on the website of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States.

Ecumenical siseaninre indifferent to accept the unacceptable and to seek solutions to the problems of the church, Patriarch, Bishop, and persecuted them for centuries and, in particular, Ukrainian people endure. "" Because of the truth, and the tradition of the Church, to protect the canonical order, and Orthodox identity-way Tim, always, always for the success of the representation of the body of Christ, our only duty is based on the acceptable standards of the world. World power or demonstration of power ", – appeals the appeal.

The Holy Synod decided to allow self-destabilization in the orthodox Orthodox church in Ukraine, thus contributing to the perfection of unity and peace of orthodoxy.

The US has issued a new sanctions against the Russian Federation due to the sham election in the ORDLO

Photo: Getty Images

The Obama administration's attempt to call "elections" in the Donbass officially violating the contracts of the Washington Minsk promised to put a new sanctions on the Russian Federation. This is in the official statement of the American State Department.

"Donetsk, the so called Lugansk People's Republics, illegal attempts at Moscow to establish their reliable valuables in the Donbass." They also demanded that the LCC and DPR be deported into illegal armed groups.

"If Russia unleashed an unlawful" election "election on November 11, which expects its pupils to become internationally recognized, the international response is proved to be false. OSCE refused to observe the occupation, the Atlantic, the UN Security Council, and the US.

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