Saturday , February 4 2023

Gritsenko rejects "related" relationships with Dmitry Rasumkov


Ukraine News: Anatoly Gritcenko: Networks Attributes that my son Dmitry Rasumkov is not true.

Party leader politician Anatoly Gritsenko's party leader, People's Party servant, denies relationship "relationship" with Dmitry Rasumkov.

He told in an interview with Radio Liberty.

"Some people in the network believe that he (Dimitri Razumkov – ed.) Is my son or someone says that he is a stepfather. This is not true, here is Galbaj Razmakkov, my son. Alexander Vasilivich Razamkov died, but Alexander V Razamkov's second branch of life, and Globe, and Dmitry. They have never seen the same thing. So, we are not relatives, "Gritsenko said

Gritsenko added that he only saw Dimitri Rasmakov at the TV channel's studio at the same time. Anatoly Gritsenko has three children: Elixie, Svetlana and Anna, they have also brought to the marriage of wife, Julia Mostova (chief editor of the mirror of the week), to Globe Rasmakov. Now he has come from his first marriage with the founder of the Ukrainian Center of the Deathly Political and Economic and Political Research Alexander Razumkov.

Gritsenko said that the police beat an activist of his party

Later, before meeting with Mustawo, there was already a son, Dmitry, who now leads the leadership of the presidential party, the people's staff.

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