Tuesday , August 16 2022

Guitarist Ivan Smirnova will host the Farewell Central Design Bureau on November 17


Moscow, November 16 – RIA News. The farewell to Guitarist Ivan Smirnova and his body will be held at St Alexis, Central Clinical Hospital of the Moscow Pontifical, on November 17. According to the official website, the musician will be tricked into the Pietitskaya Cemetery.

Guitar Archived photo
Jasmasmann Coslov called the guitarist Ivan Smirnov as a very talented person

Famous Russian singer Ivan Smirnov passed away at age 64 at the age of 64. The creator of music boxer Andre Bolshakakov said.

St. Alice's church at St Alexis St Alexis St. Alexis St Alexis Central Clinical Hospital, Moscow, will be held on November 17 at 12.30 noon 12.30 in the Pavt.

Smirnov – Soviet Russian musician Guitarist, performed the music, Edward Artmeyev in Etoo-Fusion music, VIA "Blue Guatemars" and Jazz Rock "Arsenal" Alexi Koslov under the direction of Electronic Music "Bamerang". From 1990 onwards, Smirnov worked on his own music projects, writing music and writing music.

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