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Horoscope for the week of 2 to 8 December 2018 for all signs of Zodiac

Astrological predictions for all signs of Zodiac 2 to 8 December

Horoscope for weeks 2 to 8 December. Photo:

Horoscope for weeks 2 to 8 December. Photo:

Spiritual field – a reboot, a philosophical perspective changes dramatically, old ideals and values ​​die, are replaced by new ones. However, aggression is now affected by side effects (Satan is found in a quiet swamp, it is about you), attitude for self-trafficking, you can obscure black color in black color, deceitful, deceitful people. . Therefore, contact experienced people, make serious decisions on your own, avoid conflicts, do not quarrel with anyone, especially with your superiors. Throw stones away from sinus and forgive the criminals. It will purify the heart.

At Work, Complication: You are under the obligation of responsibility, show professionalism, comply with spiritual and legal laws. Take care of the career lift, family welfare, without first interruption. Your task is to become a model family man: without sensual habits, sensual, caring.

Time has come for a successful calculation with debt, their classification is broad, and in various life situations it requires its own "currency". If someone is forced to pay, then throw the debt away from the neck. Work on compensation, share rich things, enjoy happiness, you should not trust friends. Now you respect other people's resources, interests, and then you will benefit. To maintain the balance of partnership (marriage, business), "I am yours," whose contribution has not yet been brought, now there is only "ours", everything earned is in an ordinary "pot"!

Show offensive curiosity, learn new things, fill the intellectual depot with interesting information. Communicate actively with people. Life is a school where you play the role of an excellent student. Avoid disagreements with your career's ambitions, authorities.

You have time to improve partnership (business, marriage) relationships. Do not deny the illusion, high bosses can print you. Show that you are not a work robotic, but creative, inventive personality with which you can cooperate as a manufacturer. Considering the deals, not the interests of others, but making themselves, personal requests, adjusting the conditions. If you have been refused funding or sorry for last year's snow, do not take a loan, do not get annoyed. So there is need. Pull your hunger with your own resources, plenty of it. Property will be sent for good deeds.
What you really want, you definitely should be satisfied! This is a crucial task.

Look for a profitable job, offers a range of best. Service sector reboots: If something is imposed on you, then maneuver and do not push. There are risks under the influence of artificial influence of aggressive aggressive individuals. You have your own point of view, your dream of the situation and stay with it. Courageous, Down Down Fear Now you are setting progressive inspiration in circumstances. Join your original ideas in business. Competitive race continues in life, if there is an opposing opposition – it is an indication that you are activating it with your own internal negative. Stay away from the classy, ​​and read the interests of others and try to stay in someone else's skin, then everything will be in place. As a result, you can agree peacefully on any painful issues. Their goal is to unleash the karmic partnership nodes.

If the heart is hungry for the exquisite pure love, hurry to romantic hunting! It will be successful, will give great pleasure. And married couples have time to re-establish their relationship: To enjoy interesting life, breathe them into new life. You should be fun and interesting together! Especially the arrangements for family nesting. Stop the paradox!

If the diseases are afflicted, its roots are karmic, making the fruit of the careless attitude in the past fertile for its health. Do not look at the guilty people, but join the spiritual practice, become chaotic by the poisonous sinner's junk. And enjoy the love. As a result, the soul and body will be healed.

You have to change the attitude towards family values. Be an example family and caregiver, streamline life (earning money from your own wallet) and create comfortable spiritual aura in the original land. Here your care and love are the best talented. Do not put pressure on marriage satellites, they are invulnerable in illusion, and they can not be condemned by them. Clearing relationships can end in a scam. Let them profession (career), improve professionally, have the kindness of luck. And you control the language, do not take the solution to bite humor, criticism, critic "hairpin", your mouth has magical power.

If there are no forces for charity, it means that you had previously ignored them. As a result – emotional (sexual) inertia Try to be friends with each other, have great benefits and good luck with good friends. And do not be discouraged as a loyal friend. And lover is "useless" with you.

You are brilliant scholars, are very influential in society, intellectual basements are neutral. Share knowledge, instruct people on the path of goodness and love. Trust the hearts of those who lose heart in difficult moments. Follow the spiritual and legal laws. Make friends with your enemies and do not work where you have not cheated. A pig can slip into service. Subordinates, colleagues are aggressive, so go for a reconciliation and do not be awakened in a public way. Let him sleep quietly You need to strengthen your job position, implement professional, career plans. Increase the business. And low bragging Automated experiments are enemies. Calculate all the details.

You are joyful and attractive, enjoy the joy of the people around you, be happy and do not deny yourself anything. life is Beautiful! It's time to equip a personal life. Get organized in your home, balanced income and expenses. However, if you need money for good things, then it will definitely be found. Now you are sent to others by your generous hands by the Almighty. Share, but also about you, love, do not forget (you can buy love for money), satisfy your personal items. It is advisable to stay away from home, to travel more happy future opportunities. And limit your relationship with your neighbors.

The confidence in the society has started, where, thanks to the bright personal charisma, you are capable of doing high valor. However, the internal plan is a process of improvement, burning garbage programs. Improve your attitude to family values, professional activities, career ambitions: Licensiveness on the official throne, family invasion is a mine that leads to disaster. If you are suffering from excessive starvation (savings, misery), then such a bad, luck will get you out of what you really want. Leave pragmatic desires, you are in their hostage. And guided by the requests of other people, swim in their courses. Then everything will be good. Observe asceticism in life. You get rid of negative savings which make the soul unclean. If you're dissatisfied, there is a completely paradox to stay on it!

You're loved and desired. Charm has artificial effect on other people. However, now you need to slow down the pace and leave the shaded stage. Loneliness will not make you mad, but will inspire. You have been experiencing the final phase of spiritual development for many years. Everything that has stopped the notion of the purpose of the world, has created wrong actions, it will open. Think again, repent in mistakes, resuscitate mentally. If you have debt of someone, pay with a donation. Make important decisions on your own and do conflicting tasks. Ask, stay in compromise, do not cross the road to compromise. Leave forth brave ones. Learn to work in the team. And in the marriage, the reins for the faithful give.

Curb aggression and pride, then avoid the temptation to quit outside. Demonstrate generously friendly unity by placing your interests in the last place. If you're on a climbing friendly team, you can achieve the desired. And if you break your brothers for your own good, then worse. Make money with honest work. And pray for friends. Next to labor, everything is in the swing, works with creative fire, earns money, here is a good impression. Wedding couples have a pleasant ideal: away from despair, you love all your heart.

In the professional field – Difficulties, if you are a qualified specialist, you are working on a heart call – it is nice! After all, many aspiring competitors, who can only be overcome by high business qualities, ability to play by their rules. Do not interfere with rage. Burn yourself into a part of destructive emotions. You can impress people only after waiting for a good moment and after showing your talent. In the field of career, everything is good: encourage business, lucky lane has begun (for one year), here you are an indispensable gold expert who is capable of plowing. Like the horse, the officials are happy.

The key to personal happiness is honest love. Do not trust reciprocity, even if your chosen person is cool, burn a candle of love in your heart. So it is necessary.


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