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Hundred Years of Academy Bouris Patten Biographies and facts of life


Today is the sign of the 100th anniversary of the famous Ukrainian scientist, Academician Boris Patton. He is the Chairman of the National Academy of Sciences and Electric Welding Institute, author and co-author of more than 720 discoveries, heroes of Social Labor and Ukrainian Hero. That same day hundred hundred years and Ukraine's Academy of Sciences, which is the head of it.

Patan's work also helps to carry welding under water, in space, and in the human body. One hundred years old, the education continues to work actively.

Boris Patton is the oldest in terms of age and tenure of Chairman of the Academy of Sciences in the world. Apart from this, he is the only head of State Academy of Sciences, which is his peer.

Stere's Negotiations About Famous Boris Patan.

Biography of boris paton

The future head of Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences was born in the family of academy Eugene Patton and housewife Natalia Buddha. His elder brother was Vladimir. His father is a well-known bridge builder, which is the world's largest developer of the Welwald Bridge in Nepal, 1,543 meters long, now known as Baton Bridge.

Ewen's Pattern at the Center

In 1941, Boris Patton graduated from Kiev Polytechnic Institute with a degree in electrical engineering. His Ph.D. thesis "Analysis of the management of Welding Hades and when under his power wielding (power of waxing)" (1945) was called; Doctoral thesis "Investigation of the conditions of the burning ignorance of the welding arc and its regulation" (1952). Patton's main scientific work is dedicated to automatic and semi-automated welding.

Since 1962, Boris Patan has consistently served as the President of Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences (formerly the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences). Each time he was unlikely to be re-elected in this position. Finally re-elected in 2015.

They are studying control systems with various types of cybernetic devices, which work on the creation of welding robots. Patton welding focuses on metallurgy, survival, and the production of new metal materials.

Boris Patan Yulia Tymoshenko was confident in the 2010 presidential election. In August 2011, a letter from ten people was announced – a letter from Ukrainian intellectuals in support of the then President Victor Yunukovich. Boris Patton was one of ten signers.

Interesting facts and quotes

Once at the high school, Boris partition received 9 tuos in the session – true, present, not fourth. And while studying in the KPI, she did not become the holder of the Red Diploma, because she got "bad" in Marxism-Leninism.

Patan diploma was defended on June 22, 1941. By college, he and his classmates came to the bombing. He saved his thesis on "excellent".

The Academy said in an interview that passing through the bridge, her father's name is always closed, briefly and mentally proud of the parents also. "Evgeny Oscarovich all seemed rude, incomprehensible, and she was a kind man and cared for the people, looked after his family," he said.

For the President's 10th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences, the Politburo places Boris Patton in the summer residence. And then she pulled it back because she liked some of the power. The academy talked about this in an interview with Kevin: "At that time, the branch was very good, for twenty years I stayed on it and then I was asked to free it, because someone wants to take it from the new administration. One attempt was made worse. "

At one point, Boris Petty refused to deny the USSR Academy of Sciences, as she did not want to leave the Institute of Electric Welding. "This is my father's brain and I tried to invest there, to develop something and to support. I had a lot of work in the Ukrainian Academy, so I did not go to the union. It would be unnecessary," the scientist said. According to him, if he receives this offer again, he will not hesitate to refuse, and in his life he has not regretted his refusal.

Major achievements of the Institute of Electric Welding – The so-called Pattern Seam – A welding is the unique technique of living tissues, which often reduces blood loss during normal operation and reduces time for it. In 1995, after riding Bonnie Paton, while riding on a water monoler from Napster, he broke his thigh neck. Later he asked the surgeons how to cut the bone, and it was told that it was a mechanical scene. Returning to the organization, advised the stomach and suggested: "Let's try bone with laser." And then we went with experiments with welding the live tissues.

Boris Petty criticized the current system of higher education. "It is not necessary to think that only Bachelor and PhD will lead to success in science. The Bologna system has led to the complete eradication of the middle link and this is a pain."

Boris Patton is the owner of a lifetime Bronze Bust, but it was against its establishment. "I am going to work behind the monument, I do not pay attention, I will probably use it already, and first it was unpleasant." And the scientist admitted that he was not like this.

Boris Patton regularly played tennis and water skiing for about 80 years. However, the main secret of its longevity, it only believes in the game. He said, "Anyone should get satisfaction from his work and life, and be optimistic despite everything. I am trying to follow this principle as to how life is developed."

Practically Patna devoted her entire life to science. He said to "the mirror of the week": "Almost all my life is work. Obviously, this is wrong, but it has happened … people say – a professional twist. Of course, there were remaining days. But in these days I have more than ten Do not count.

"The problem of our society is that many people are psychologically immature, they do not have the habit of fighting for themselves, their well-being. It is not difficult for them to be happy fighters, and I feel that if you do not work day and night, Sorry for you and sorry sorry, cry, – things will not happen "- Scientist believes.

About the science in Ukraine

According to Boris Patton, Ukrainian scientists are actively developing new directions. He told Seogodian's publication that "We have our own proposals to make a permanent station on the moon and it is ready to give it to our potential partners."

However, the state's opinion of science, in its opinion, leaves a lot to be desired. "Our country does not understand that it needs science. I hope he will not only understand it temporarily," Boris Pattan complained in an interview with The Mirror of the Week.

The Academy speaks of why Ukraine does not have its own Silicon Valley: "The Academy proposes, its proposals are accepted to take into consideration, but in the end, nothing works out of good intentions, why and because we are at the declaration level Everything is agreed with everyone, everyone is used for good and all bad. But with solid tasks, this is already a problem. "

Scientists believe that in order to develop technologies to Ukraine, it is necessary that authorities also play a role. "The state's work is to create such an assembly segment in which an entrepreneur who wants to provide mutually beneficial cooperation with scientists is not afraid of investing in capital and its wealth and bravery," Pat said.

"The truth is that we are already bored before submitting proposals to the authorities, but there is no positive effect yet," the scientist complains.

Boris Patan states that "science is also the state's character, a civilized state. It is a matter of national security."

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