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In Russia, they refused to exchange political prisoners with Ukraine

Posted December 21, 2018

Kremlin explains why he refused to exchange the prisoners with Ukraine

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Russia and Ukraine have a different approach Exchange issue Political prisoners, in relation to this, implementation of this process is impossible.

This statement was made by the President of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov Journalist, Refers to RSS.

Pascov said that Russia "has long been in favor of the alternative" to interact with everyone "for alleged".

"But there is a difference between approaches in Moscow and Kiev – in fact, in Moscow, who are in Kiev, in the eligibility of the people, who are to consider these people," – Sands explains.

He noted that due to the difficulties in the "determination" of the detainees, it is definitely because such an inconsistency occurs in the number of "everyone who invites everyone to change".

"This work is going on, and as you know, Medvechuk is most likely involved (Victor-Ed.)," Pascov said.

At the same time, in relation to Donbass's military action, the head of the Russian Federation, the Press Secretary, answered the question about the qualifications of the Ukrainians detained by Russia at the same time, "Generally speaking here is impossible, but only personal."

"This is a long and difficult conversation," – said Sands.

As previously reported by Newson, Russian Federation refused to exchange Ukrainian by the end of 2018In the prison of the Russian Federation, who imprisoned on their citizens, who are kept in Ukrainian prisons.

  • Remember, the Russian Border Guard has captured three Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait. As a result Our 24 soldiers were in captivity, Including counter intelligence officials of SBU. They are all under arrest. On illegally crossing the border crossing RF
  • On November 29, it is reported that The sailor is taken from the captured CrimeaIn Moscow, where they were elected as the measure of control. After this info Ukrainian Ombudsman confirmed Lyudmila Denisova. It turned out that the Ukrainian had been placed in two Moscow detention centers – "Lafaroov" and "Motrokeye Tishina".
  • Three sailors were injured During the confiscation, they are in the "Metroskaya Tishina" detention center, which will "stay in good condition". The rest is at the Lafrowova detention center.
  • ARC Crimea's Prosecutor's Office They were officially recognized as prisoners of war.
  • Lawyer Ayer Azmatov explains that Ukrainian sailor can not be held in custodyBecause they are prisoners of war. Ukrainian Ombudsman Ludmila Denisova noted that status of prisoners of war in Ukraine under the Geneva Convention The criminals make it impossible for them to change.
  • The FSB of the Russian Federation said that The prisoners of the Ukrainian sailor's war will not be deemedBecause Ukraine and Russia are not in the war.
  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that negotiations on the possible submission of the captured sailor Trial can start only after completion And sentence.
  • MEP Putin urged to free immediately Ukrainian prisoners and navy ships.
  • On December 20, Vladimir Putin announced The fate of the sailor will be decided According to the results of the criminal proceedings.

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