Monday , August 2 2021

Infinite Stream of Errors in Fallout 76: The player's character has become immortal

Ten days after publication, Fallout 76 is still capable of being surprised by the new errors discovered by users. After a bug with low ratings and power armor, the eyes again focus on the newest plan of the Bethesda Game Studio. One of the participants of the Forum Reddit declared the immortality of his character.

A player named U / Brogadin said that he often tried his hero to get the body, but all the efforts were in vain. They ran on the site of Rocketo's nuclear explosion. Radiation and heavy damage can not harm the character, which is not the only health level. So huge West appeared in the first walking dead in Virginia.

The user himself does not like this much. He commented on the condition of the character with dissatisfaction: "This immortality passed me through various tedious missions to destroy my joy of exploring the world. I had to fight with other players, because they could not win."

The first attempt to inform the Bethesda game studio about the current situation ended with a response to the question asked to investigate the influence of the hero. There is no guarantee that the player receives a letter sent by a letter or a boat from a person. While information on Reddit was attracting the attention of the community, one of the developers was unsubscribed from the post under the request to provide more detailed information about emerging immortality.

We remind you that Fall Out 76 is being sold at a one-third discount for the honor of "Black Friday".

If you see an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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