Friday , January 27 2023

Jamie Daemon: Banks do not carry the risk of cryptuarantency, but competition will increase


JP Morgan Chase, the leading financial holding company, Jamie Daemon, is not so long, it was critical of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. However, it is now moved from the adoption stage to the adoption phase, even though it recommends that cryptocurrency forces the banking industry to weaken.

Therefore, in a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Dime noted that cryptocurrence solution providers offer services like banking, which includes money transfer and real-time payments. At the same time, however, they do not believe that cryptocurrency keeps "banks at risk", acknowledging that the competition with the banking industry will increase.

"Competition will grow, it will become the second supplier of cryptocurrency or Finka Solutions. We always keep competitors" – He said.

According to Daimon, there are many companies that "wants to take food from us," and this is an essential one.

"Blockchain is real, and competition is also real," He added, the matter of JP Morgan Digital Currency Initiative.

At the same time, she believes there are so many questions about the future of money. Some of these problems are due to government actions, especially those solutions which are determined under other rules like banking regulation and money laundering laws.

Jamie Demon also said that he was unable to talk to Facebook about the Tubra project, although it did not result in a discussion with anyone from JP Morgan, the representatives of the world's largest social network.

Early this year, Dimeon said that he has been sorry for having negative comments on Bitcoin in the past.

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