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In the coming summer, computer hardware has promised to be rich in new items from the world. While AMD will be busy bringing mass X570 and 7-nm chipsets to the mass market to support the PCI Segment 4.0 chipset, Intel wants to upgrade its H ED T solutions category.

Intel Core X

In the third quarter of 2019, according to the slide seen on the web, the Intel Glacier Falls platform will begin, with Cascade Lake-X processors and a relevant set of logic (probably X399). In other words, Intel will be prepared in less than a year for the recently released Skelek-X Refresh Processors.

Intel Glacier Falls

You can also mention the 22-NM Intel B365 and the H310C Chipset on the provided photo, which will co-exist with their 14-NM counterparts.

Intel Coffee Lac -S Refresh

In addition, new leaks suggest that coffee Lake-S refreshes processors are coming out with unusual markings: Core i9-9900KF, Core i7-9700KF, Core i5-9600KF, Core i3-935000FF, Core i5-9400F and Core i3-8100F . According to the preliminary data, the F letter denotes an inactive graphics core at the end of the name. Probably, to reduce the losses of 14 nm chips, Intel has got a defective IGPU. Decided to put together sales processors.


As you know, the desktop platform AMD AM4 should be compatible with at least 2020, as the "red" chip manufacturers' representatives have repeatedly said. The company does not intend to change the processor socket regularly, it is limited to releasing new sets of system logos, which allows the motherboard to expand functionality.


The next update to the AM4 Platform in the form of the AMD X570 chipset will be presented in the computax 2019 exhibition near the middle of next year. This information was collected from a privacy slide obtained by Taiwanese enthusiasts. A specific set of system logic is primarily intended for 7-NM AMD METISE processors (ZEN 2), which has been started parallel with it or shortly after.

AMD X570

The new CPU and chipset's main innovation interface will support PCI Express 4.0, which has long-term familiar PCI-E 3.0 bandwidth. In that way, AMD's "run-in" radion institute will start in the MI 50 and Mi 60 Accelerator as well as the second generation EPVC server chips.

According to the slide, the next AMD Matisse processors can be used not only with the motherboards on the advanced X570 chipset but also with existing products for the AM4 platform, in which the budget is based on A320. At the same time, new boards will receive relevance to the desktop platform "Red" compatible with large CPUs.


After successful return to all the market segments of desktop x86 processors, AMD is preparing for a tense war in the Intel and Server Segments. According to the DRAMeXchange estimates, in the last few months, the advance micro-device share in this sector is from 1% to 2%. It is important to note that in the last four years, the "blue" chip maker has ruled over the market for x86-compliant server CPUs.


In the previous year, the Intel server will continue to be a leader in the x86 processor segment, but AMD will still be able to launch an attack on its position. Sunnyvale's company will help 7-nanometer server chips EPYC (Rom), for which analysts have predicted that the "red" share in the coming year will increase by 5%.


Remember that second-generation AMD EPVC server processors were designed to compete with the Ice-Lake-SP 10-NM Solutions. The release was later to be released in 2019, but due to the problem of transit to new technical standards, Intel moved it to 2020. In other words, the direct rival for the 64-core "red" CPU will be released only after 6-12 months after their release.


The new AMD offers the same product to reduce the threat of EPYC and provide consumers with similar speed, Intel Cascade creates Lake-Ep server chips. It's a multi-chip module, packed with two semiconductor crystals and has 48 body cores with hyper-threading support, as well as a 12-channel DDR4 memory controller.

Cascade lake-ap

While many PC enthusiasts and gamers are waiting for AMD to respond to the GFFors RTX line of Graphics Accelerators, the Envida Turing Architecture – Titan is preparing to release another high-end video card based on RTEX. Innovations were once "accidentally" declared by many celebrity observers and video bloggers. For example, the founder of YouTube channel Linus Tech tips, the infamous Linus Sebastian (Linus Sebastian), "Flashed" it in yesterday's WAN show release.

Anvidia Titan Rtx

Obviously, Nvidia thus wants to attract public attention to public presentation. At the same time, the titan RTX video card announcement, based on the availability of press templates of select media representatives, will be held shortly.

Anvidia Titan Rtx

According to unofficial data, Nvidia Titan will be based on the full version of RTX Crystal TU 102. In other words, 4608 CUP core (against GeForce RTX 2080 Ti to 4352 units), 576 tensor core for red tracing and 72 RT courses will be received. The memory subsystem will be introduced with 124 gigabytes of GDRR 6 with a 384-bit bus. The operating frequency of GPU and Video RAM will be known closely next to the new product announcement.

Anvidia Titan Rtx

To cool the Titan RTX, a dual-fan cooler is used, which is used in the GFForce RTX 2080 TI Foundation Edition. True, this time it is made up of black and gold colors. To connect additional power, two 8-pin connectors have been provided.

Anvidia Titan Rtx

No information has been received about the cost of the device so far. Remember that the Titan described above is the predecessor of RTX, Video Card Envidia Titan V, $ 3,000 "Green".


Not only that, AMD has launched the Athlon 200GE Hybrid Processor, which was designed for entry level PCs. This 14-nm APU connects two cores on a Zen architecture, with 3.2 GHz, 4 MB of L3 cache and multi-threading support running on Radio Vega3 graphics, it makes a competitor rival for Intel Pentium G4560 (2 Core / 4 threads, 3.5 GHz).

AMD Athlon 200GE overclocking
Tacospot Photo

Additionally, in Ukrainian stores, AMD's hybrid processor is about two times lower than its "blue" rival (~ 1750 UAH ~ 3300 UAH), which gives a uniform display of x86 core and similar powerful graphics core.

AMD Athlon 200GE overclocking

The main drawback of AMD Athlon 200GE (and, maybe, the only one, its value – auth.) Is a blocking multiplier. However, when Poltava Dmitry Snagovic Kujil, ASUS ROG CrossHear VI Hero Motherboard, armed with reference frequency (BCLK), reached the APU, it reached the mark of 3954 MHz.

AMD Athlon 200GE overclocking

AMD Athlon 200GE overclocking

As it turned out, the AMD Athlon 200GE is not the only way to maximize the processor frequency. For many micro-star international motherboards, the UEFI firmware with the latest Agesa microcode has been released, which makes it possible to increase previously blocked multiplier. In particular, Reddit users have confirmed the possibility of overclocking over the B350M Pro-VH Plus and B350M gaming pro models.

AMD Athlon 200GE overclocking

The first tests show that athlon 200GE can be carried over 3.9-4 GHz, while the result of Cinebrench R15 is increasing from 355 to 440 points and sports has increased by 15% in its speed.

AMD Athlon 200GE overclocking

At the moment, it is not known that this is a planned action by AMD, which is designed to make Athlon 200GE more attractive or to make mistake of Msi programmers. It is likely that the possibility of "stone" overclock referred to in the next versions of firmware will stop.


Electronic Arts and BioWare have announced the beginning of acceptance of applications for participation in the closed alpha test of the next role play, which will be held from December 8 to 9. According to available information, this test's repetition will not be very large and will involve a limited number of players. By the way, users can apply for all major platforms including PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


For users of individual computers, "strongly recommended" system requirements have also been known. Usually it happens with alpha versions of games, they will most likely be arranged at the time of publication. In addition, it is expected that the selected lucky people will be liable to sign the non-disclosure agreement of intelligence.

Therefore, the recommended system requirements for song version of the song are as follows:

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10;
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3570 or AMD FX 6350;
  • RAM: 8 GB;
  • Graphics card: GFForce GTX 970 4GB or Radion R9390 8GB;
  • Free hard disk space: at least 60 GB

Although professional overclockers continue to experiment in this direction, despite the lack of official support for motherboards on Intel Z-70 and Z-277 chipsets of coffee lake-S (refresh) processors.

It has been installed that thanks to the improved UIFi firmware on the older motherboards, the six-core CPU can be used in the LG-1151 design. Finnish enthusiast Lumi decided to go further and on the next day he published a video in which he was named ASRock Z 707 OC. Talk about the process of overcocking on the eight-core Intel Core i9-9900K on Formula.

Intel Core i9-9900K at Z170

We have asserted that this board has proven itself as one of the best solutions for these objectives and has helped set up more than one overclocking record with six core Intel Core i7-8700K.

After all, Lumie wins the Intel Core i9-9000K to 5.5 GHz, armed with a liquid cooling system. To check the stability of the system, he used Prime 95 and Cinebrain R15. However, in the last benchmark we got more than 2,400 points.

Intel Core i9-9900K at Z170

Anyone who wants to repeat their experiment, the Finnish overclocker inspects VARM heat. Eight-core coffee leak-s refreshes on power consumption significantly significantly bypasses those CPUs for which this motherboard was designed.

Remember that Intel itself explains the incompatibility of the coffee leak-Ace processors with the older boards with increased requirements for the power supply system, which also changes the handling of some contact pads in the LG1151 socket. In addition, budget products on the H110 chipset, as well as flagship boards with Z170 and Z270 logic sets, addressed to the master of the game overclocking, were out of work.

At the end of next year, Microsoft plans to launch a new model of the Surface Laptop, which is not yet built on the basis of hybrid AMD Picasso processor. Brad Sam, an interior, told about this in a book on his new brand and surface device.

Surface Laptop 2

In the book, Mr. Sams has noted increasing tension between Intel and Microsoft regarding problems in mastering 10-NM technology standards. In August last, it was reported that the cheap Surface Go tablet was to be a heart-efficient ARM processor, but due to Intel's pressure, Redmond had to use x86-compliant Pentium gold in it.

If Microsoft actually motivates to use AMD solutions in its products, this "red" chip significantly improves the manufacturer's financial health, as well as sets an example for other big producers. Remember that the current Surface Laptop can be equipped with 2 quad-core Intel Core i5-8250U (1.6 / 3.4 GHz) or Core i7-8650U (1.9 / 4.2 GHz).


BioVare General Manager Casey Hudson published a post on the official blog of the studio, where he suggested that his team would soon introduce a new plan related to the Dragon Age universe.

Dragon Age

"If you follow this blog or Mark Mark Daraah and I on Twitter, you probably know that we are working on a secret project on the Dragon Age. This is a very important franchise for us and we are happy to continue its legacy. Wait for more info next month (though I will not tell you), "wrote Hudson.

Dragon Age: Check

Speaking next month, Casey, was probably the award of the Game Awards, which will start Kyiv's time at 3:30 in the morning on December 7. ચાહકોને વિખ્યાત શ્રેણીના નવા ભાગની જાહેરાત કરવાની કારણો છે, કારણ કે પહેલા વેબમાં આ વિશે ઘણી માહિતી હતી, પરંતુ શક્ય છે કે બાયોવેર અમને મોબાઇલ પ્લેટફોર્મ્સ માટે ડ્રેગન એજનો સ્પિન-ઑફ બતાવશે.


એક સમયે જ્યારે ઘણા સાયબરસ્ટાર્સ ધીમે ધીમે તેમના ખેતરોને બંધ કરી દેતા હતા, અને કેટલાક વિડિઓ કાર્ડ ઉત્પાદકો ઓછી વેચાણને કારણે ચોથા ક્વાર્ટરમાં ખોટ માટે તૈયારી કરી રહ્યાં છે, એએસઇસ્ટેક કમ્પ્યુટરએ ગેમરોને ક્રિપ્ટોક્યુરેંશન માઇનિંગ માટે રમવા માટે તેમના ફાજલ સમયમાં ગ્રાફિક્સ એક્સ્લેરેટર્સનો ઉપયોગ કરવાની વિનંતી કરી.

ASUS ડ્યુઅલ આરટીએક્સ 2070

કાર્ડના કેટલાક મોડલોના વર્ણનમાં, ઉદાહરણ તરીકે આરઓજી સ્ટ્રિક્સ જીએફફોર્સ આરટીએક્સ 2080 ટીઆઇ ઓસી, તાઇવાનના વિક્રેતા ક્વોન્ટમ ક્લાઉડ સર્વિસની લિંક આપે છે. એક જિફોર્સ જીટીએક્સ 1070 માંથી આશરે 10 ડોલરની કમાણીની શક્યતા છે, અને આવકને વેશેટ અથવા પેપાલ એકાઉન્ટમાં તબદીલ કરવામાં આવશે.

ક્વોન્ટમ ક્લાઉડના નિર્માતાઓ કહે છે કે, "તમે ઝડપથી સમૃદ્ધ થશો નહીં, પરંતુ તમે નિષ્ક્રિય GPUs પર થોડી રકમ કરી શકો છો." જો કે, આવી વ્યવસ્થાના વપરાશનો પ્રશ્ન ખુલ્લો રહે છે, અને વીજળી માટેના બિલ ચૂકવ્યા પછી શિખાઉ ખાણિયો માટે કેટલાક ફાયદા થશે.

ASUS ક્વોન્ટમ ક્લાઉડ

આ રીતે, જ્યારે એએસયુએસ ગેમર્સને સાયબરસ્ટેટર્સની સૈન્યમાં જોડાવા માટે બોલાવી રહ્યું છે, ત્યારે તાઇવાનની વિડિઓ કાર્ડ ઉત્પાદક, ગીગાબાઇટ ટેક્નોલૉજી આ વર્ષના છેલ્લા ત્રિમાસિક ગાળાના નુકસાનને પૂર્ણ કરવાની તૈયારી કરી રહી છે. કારણોમાં સંકેત આપવામાં આવે છે કે ખાણકામ બૂમ પછી વિડિઓ કાર્ડ્સના મોટા શેરો બાકી રહ્યા છે, અને જીએફફોર્સ આરટીએક્સ એક્સિલરેટરોમાં ગેમર્સના નબળા રસ.

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