Tuesday , January 19 2021

"Lord, Cool, A Mug": Olia Piquona's daughter was harshly harassed on the net for a new photo

Ukrainian singer U Olya Polyakova, 13-year-old daughter, Masha, surprised her subscribers with a new photo on Instagram Social Network, Replyua.net reported. In the picture, standing in front of a small leaf and a tree background, a long girl is conveniently standing in a bathroom bath. Masha does not laugh, but such facial expressions make hate comments from fans, despite the fact that many fans have struck with the girl's beautiful hair.

"You are very beautiful, but to be honest, this photo is not so much", "tooth pump up", "god, well, irisiples", "the same connick will be like a mother" hair is beautiful, well, no beautiful beauty Not so much. Normal normal girl "," is not the most successful photo, there is much better. Hair – Credit !!!!!! "," Why upload unsuccessful photos? "" Cheerful hair "," hair is okay "," Hair is attractive and smiles are just beautiful and you're a nice nailfish "Masha Polcova

Some noticed that the girl is very beautiful and feels unreal in her mother's way: "Beauty! In all moms", "You are very beautiful and two drops of water looks like your lovely mom", "Masha, you are very beautiful and glazed You're the happiest! "," You're the most, the most! Your beauty is limited to the whole universe! "," Stunning! And hair! "," So thin, smarty, such a beautiful girl grows, "" The most – The most beautiful Tax a goddess. Hair is just cheesy. "

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