Saturday , January 16 2021

Madonna showed completely naked snapshots

American singer Madonna, who is considered "Queen of Pop" all over the world, showed a rare photo in which she became completely naked.

So, the actress is represented at the photo 19 years of age. Madonna shared a disruptive story about the difficulties faced after the release of the candid shots. Photo posted on Madonna's official page on Instagram.

In the picture, the stars of the future are completely captured without clothes – at that time the singers were often working with painting and photography school students, who paid for nude pausing.

After her fame, many of her paintings were sold in Playboy Magazine and other men's magazines.

"The photographers used me. Then the patriarchal society tried to shame me with these pictures. I said:" I'm not ashamed! "The phrase soon appeared in the headlines of all the news, then it was converted into Warhol and Herring collaborations, who gave me a wedding gift"– Madonna shared and added that this art can not be stopped, it can not be stopped.

"Creativity Always Wins!" – She said.

According to the report by the Objetratel, most recently American singer Madonna appeared in a copper image for the cover of the famous Vogue Gloss, by selecting Ukrainian designer clothes for the shoot.

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