Monday , September 27 2021

Many new smartphones like the Gnen Max, Asus are coming up

The renowned Insider, Roland Quantet, published information on the upcoming ASUS updates on his Twitter page.

We know that the developer's operation is on the new line of Zenfone 6 smartphones – online photos and videos online of online work prototypes last week. Now it is reporting a fixed model under the numerical number ZB634KL.

The Insider claims that the ZB601KL will receive a triple main camera.

ASUS ZenFone ZB634KL "SOON" should be launched. On the rear comes the triple cam set up.

– Roland Quantum (@rquandt) November 12, 2018

Most likely, we are talking about Zenfone Max Pro successor (M1) indicates that the second model number is ZB601KL. The name & # 39; 63 & # 39; s new name, indicating the 6.3 inch screen. , Which means it & # 39; s K & # 39; and # L; SoC Snapdragon and 4G LTE respectively are letters. Most likely, the device will be marketed as Zenfone Max Pro (M2).

However, the ZB634KL is not the upcoming Zenfone Max model. The source also speaks about the ASUS ZB632KL, ZB631KL and ZB633KL models. As expected, the Zenfone Max (M2) is expected.

Tablet Do not be surprised when launching the ~ 10inch screen tablet. CES2019.

– Roland Quantum (@rquandt) November 12, 2018

Apart from the new smartphones in the development of ASSS, the first tablet launched with a 10-inch screen is the Run Operating System. Asus knew, it is possible to have a great confidence that it will be a transformational tablet.

The CES is expected to announce the launch of new products in 2019.

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