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Miss International 2018: The winner is named – Photo and Video


Miss In International 2018: Photos and Videos

Photo: Instagram / missinternationalofficial

Partner Miss International from Venezuela won

The match was organized by Mary Velasco, a representative of Venezuela. Today she celebrates birthday.

58th Miss International Competition In Tokyo, Mary Kay is the representative of Venezuela. On this day, the girl celebrates her birthday. When the birthday was celebrated, the prize was a gift for him. It writes the raplayer.

In the second place is the representative of the Philippines. A third girl from South Africa was arrested.

The first five were from Romania and Colombia. A representative from Ukraine, Bogdanah Taraicak, was in the list of fifteen percent of the 77 girls.

This competition is known to have been ranked seventh in the competition at Miss International, Venezuela.

Miss Earth announced the winner of the 2018 competition. In the Vietnam Competition, Fugo Khan Enigue was competing in this year.

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