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Nadia Dorofeva South Indian beauty


Nadia Dorofeva South Indian beautyThe first stars of the show from Ukraine were invited to the party.

Ukrainian singer Nadia Dorofeeva was the designer of the VIP party during the launch of Limited Designer Collection Moskini. [tv] In a social event, H & M has not only sprung a stylish look but also plays in the original DJ set.

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The first stars of Ukrainian show business were invited to the party: Ekatrina Osadacha, Yuri Gorbenov, Toyaya, Lysya Nikituk, Kesaniya Slidier, Elena Swetolini and many others. Nonetheless, Nadia drew the dazzling image of Dorothey, who shot other journalists and public figures.

For the exit, the duo "Time & Glass" participants moscowo and h & amp; Upon becoming a sexy rayant from Mm, emphasizes her breasts, white sweatpants, black loose-fashion jacket and emphasis on shiny shoes with the eye.

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In the form of mosquito, her image was given to a large gold medal. Black bags and chains of the chains were completed.

The face of the hair, makeup, and light green manure is perfect for this. Nadia introduces herself to designer designs and is seen as a big hit on the DJ console.

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