Friday , March 31 2023

New Mercedes Hybrid Delivers in GLC F Cells starts in Germany


German car brand Mercedes-Benz should not be published. Because this car brand has become the standard of reliability and reliability. Since the price of a new car is cheaper, buying a Ukrainian car attracted Mercedes-Benz. Low-cost Mercedes and auto financial investments with mileage are required.

German auto designers focused on building diesel cars in the diesel scene. Auto builders know that in the next few years, the future of gasoline engines will be replenished by diesel engines. Besides the development of electric cars, the Mercedes-Benz specialists were designing hybrid cars. The new Compact crossover can be proud with a hybrid power plant consisting of a hybrid engine and an electric motor.

It has also adopted German, National and local ministries, German Railways Air Leaked, Lindsey AG and others. The spring of 2019 will appear in the free sales of the car.

The new MercedesGLCF Cell is a special hybrid powerplant. It does not destroy the environment. Water comes out of this exterior pipe exhaust pipe. The crossover flat has two carbon fiber cylinders, which can contain 4.4 liters of hydrogen. As a reflection, the car moves to 430 km, and the car can drive 488 kilometers in a hybrid mode. The lithium-ion battery electric motor carrying 13.5 kW / h carrying "20" horses. Battery charging takes 1.5 hours. Hydrogen gas can be used only in hydrogen gas stations.

With hybrid mode, crossover can work in three modes:

  • F cell is only involved in hydrogen engines.
  • Rechargeable when using only car battery;
  • Charge is a priority when charging a charge.

Mercedes-Benz GL-FF Cell is only available in major cities like Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Cologne. The company has a GLC fuel cell system in terms of long term and short term basis for its customers.

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