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Night Ritual – Long-awaited and beautiful Review / sports


Style Platformer
Publisher 505 Games
Publisher in Russia "Bucha"
Developer Artplay
Minimum requirements Graphics card with support for Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz processor, 4GB RAM, DirectX 11 and 2 or 3GB memory, for example, NVIDIA GFOX GTX 760 / AMD radion R9 280X, 10 GB per Hard drive
Recommended Requirements Intel Core i5-4590 3.3 GHz / AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz Processor, 8GB RAM, DirectX 11 Support and Graphics Card with 4 GB Memory, for example, NVIDIA GFOX GTX 1050 Ti / AMD RADNE R9290
Release date June 18, 2019
Age requirement For 12 years
Platforms PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Official website

This game has been tested on PS4

However, the MetroWave recently left a huge set, not everyone could be described as attractive. Bloodstained: The Night of Ritual, which was developing money for kickstarters a few years ago – starts to literally flip through your fingers and it is worthwhile to sit at the speed of the fear. And there's no question about whether you're a longtime fan of Cozy Igarashi's creative work, do you know something about old Castania or have decided to become familiar with new production due to many positive reviews. One way or the other, only positive impressions remain.

⇡ #Unofficial Sequel

Since Konami was not going to do any new thing in Konamiya's universe, in 2014, IGarasi decided to make the next game without the help of the publisher who had left. The only thing that separates the project from the classic Konami, This title, however, is doubtful as the subtitle of Castanea: Night symphony. In many ways, innovation Symphony is considered unofficial sequel, with its many similarities, especially in the context of the atmosphere and gameplay.

In the barbershop, you can make a significant change in the performance of the heroine

In the barbershop, you can make a significant change in the performance of the heroine

Classic Metropolis (or igavanii, such as calling games created by fans of eagerness), does not try to repel the bloodstained wheels. He looks and feels better than the best works of the 90's, but remains inside – this is a story, events that are open in a huge castle, it is divided into different zones, full of dangers, secrets and interesting surprises. Explore all these terrible pleasures, and you are more humiliating to understand the longer you are going, or you will undoubtedly receive the final credit in some day.

There are several types of places connected with each other through the same corridor. You can find either the gilded walls and the elaborate halls like Hermes with luxurious columns, you go to a dungeon place, you jump on the Chandelier or try to resist the door bookhelves in the library. This is the standard characteristic of any good metrodwenia, but here it is especially traumatic, because the zone is not only in the appearance, but also in some mechanics. And some of them are found in one or two rooms, after which you will not see them again.

Excellent work was done on the formation of opponents, of which almost one hundred. All types of monsters, knights, gargoyles, flying fairies and jumping frogs There are small annoying monsters that fly from one part of the screen to the other, able to turn the heroine back or turn it into a stone. There are many fantastic creatures, such as electric guitar and large dogs or musicians playing on the cat's head. New enemies constantly appear and they do not get tired of fighting with such a verified magazine. And if some of them are only repetitive versions of visible visions, their ability to change capabilities brings the desired versatility into combat.

You need to be careful with pictures - sometimes it comes in life

You need to be careful with pictures – sometimes it comes in life

⇡ #Surgical power

All these opponents can give the heroine their capabilities – when you kill the demon, you will have the opportunity to become the master of some of them and some unique skills. Most often, these skills are directly related to what the enemies can do. That is, when there is a touch, frog poison will leave behind a tree which increases the resistance against toxins. To win a pig wing (a pig with wings), a bat and many others, you will be able to call them several times in a row, which harm the enemies. Or a companion flies near and hurts monsters or brings some influence on it.

There are not many slots for the Spinintor, so it's always interesting to try experiments and different abilities. In Castlevania's best traditions, developers really do not care if you break the game with some powerful builds – if you can find cool combinations, use them for health. These are not just pieces, but all-round decor, such as weapons, accessories and armor related – there are many who break their eyes.

You can fight swords, whip, daggers, axes – shoes are special. Studying bookcases with books placed on the map, you can learn about specific techniques that activate by pressing buttons in a specific fight, such as in some fight games. High quality of clothes and filled with useful things: There may be a ring that attacks the proportion of the card's percentage is open, or, for example, the number of enemies is killed. Or show the health of opponents. Headgear and mask changes the look of the heroine, but the armor does not affect it – you can only choose a different color of the dress.

Where do you see the horned cat?

Where do you see the horned cat?

As a result, Bloodsteen becomes a gathering game: you are searching for a chest and finding new items, defeating the enemies and hoping to get the pieces (they can often fall, which will let you strengthen them), explore every room Watch and see broken walls to get a growing health Find the Mind or the Secret Way However, this does not happen regularly – the player wants to do it himself! I see if you're not lazy and if you come back to the previous position to defeat this or the monster, then what kind of new ability will be able to unlock the next time.

⇡ #Initially, at the beginning

And the rest of the bloodstream is similar to any modern metro, in which initially the character does not really know how the new places and just dreams. The heroine is trained for a double jump, she can catch things with a magical hand and move them to the second place, the tailpoints in the front of the room can pass through narrow corridors. Already, there are zones where you can not reach urgently and as soon as you get a new capacity, you can immediately find a room with teleport and return to the places you've visited, unless there are no white spots on the map!

Skill skills coming out of Boris, which are very fun to fight. These can either be very quick and daring opponents, each hit with a lot of injury, or static monsters who throw you a bomb through shells or bring a fire like a big dragon in the middle of the game. They often have call-up pieces, recent acquisitions and the ability of the heroine to bounce back (you need to use it – the character moves back exactly and looking at the side), and using the local combat system features. As in Castvenia, the attack for the second divided before landing can not prevent the player, but will allow you to create two strikes in a row.

Many enemies are easy to defeat if you remember how they advance before moving.

Many enemies are easy to defeat if you remember how they advance before moving.

Not everything is perfect in Bloodstream – some small bugs, such as the impossibility of stripping an object from the enemy, because it descends on the sloping surface. There are also disadvantages associated with optimization – if you try to move from the lower room to the upper section, you will have to look at the black screen for a few seconds. If the heroine does not come back after loading it periodically, then it is not enough. The second attempt is fast, but if it was the same then it would be better.

The stories that people who came here for the story can make them sad. One girl named Miriam was one of the participants in the inhuman scientific experiment, and her old companion Jibbal was also sentenced to this torture. But if the Gibel wants to lose the last fossils of humanity and wants to fill the whole world with demons, Miriam tries to stop it – even if the collection of demonic pieces can negatively affect its position. Standard story without a lot of depth, but so interesting that it will not be ignored

Colored glass in the game is especially beautiful.

Colored glass in the game is especially beautiful.

However, all of these – just triples, because the gameplay came out of all praise. There is no one element that I want to remove or change in some way. The primitive side of the quest issued on the main "base" also does not look too much where business owners are located. Yes, you are asked to kill four demons and five knights without providing this order with any stories. Yes, someone wants you to bring it "the things of the dead", in fact you know the Devil, where he is, and not near his dead body. Yes, grandmother still can not eat, and wants for another pizza or pie for it too. But giving awards to all of these, but the order is not too difficult to carry, and therefore there are no complaints.


Bloodstained: The Rite of Night – an impressive, beautiful adventure, which was not a little bit for perfection. The game is not hesitant to become a spiritual heir to the old Castlevania – it is proud of it. I want to expand the huge fort so far, I only want to fill all the archives with monsters, pieces and notes for my own pleasure, not for "Achiwok". To enjoy Bloodstream, you do not have to be a fan of Igarra, it's enough to love great sports. Let's let it look like a budget in some places, the characters should not always be animated – you forgive those mistakes, it's very important against the background of many benefits.


  • The classic gameplay, in the spirit of some old parts of Castvenia;
  • Interesting to explore a huge fortress;
  • Many different opponents;
  • Large selection of weapons, accessories and capabilities;
  • Nice visual style;
  • Luxury soundtrack


  • Bugs and dreadful downloads periodically between different floors.


Initially, the game looked different and the fans were sad about their appearance, but it looks nice after updating the graphics. You can claim some funny animations, but usually it does not ruin the impression.


Music worked on Mikiru Yamana (Meteichu Yamana), who previously worked on the soundtrack for the Castellania series, and the result was surprising. Sound is also good with English version.

Single player

It does not take more than 20 hours to complete the passage with the stripping card and it will be a nice time. Explore the huge castle and look for secrets, beating the monsters and collect new skills, do not get tired of the final.

Collective game

Not provided.

Overall Impressions

A pleasurable job from the master of his craft – Ignatias returned and gave the fans the most they wanted to earn. One of the best metropolis of our time.

Rating: 9.5 / 10

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