Monday , March 20 2023

On Shulyavka in Key, Residents blocked the street due to lack of heat


Today, 09:49


The protesters poured coffee

Photo: TV Channel

Photo: TV Channel 112 "

The Zoological Street in Chevaco District in Kiev blocked the locals. People protest against heating the heating.

According to channel 112 "Ukraine", the roadway was blocked. People from the city have said that from October 24th to 4th, 6th, 8th, 12th of the houses there is no heating. Maintenance and repair works are taken up in terms of public facilities.


According to one protester, two large tunnels were dug at the start of a saloon vaccine street near Daguthyreskaya. Preliminary work on the eve of public utility. "Outside 8 degrees, there is no warmth in the apartment, we heat it on the street.

Drivers do not like what's going on. When there was a tension between the car and the protesters, the car poured coffee from the car in the car.

The villagers said that today's protests are a warning and if they do not have the heat in the future, they are protesting everyday. There are policemen on the site.

Remember October 31 Hundreds of key residents blocked Kharkiv highway one day, It was deleted due to an irresponsible developer asking them to provide electricity to their homes. The protests ended in the wave of electricity crisis. City authorities.

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