Saturday , January 23 2021

P. Addy Lowe looks at the connection between F1 and Tesla's success.

Among other things, Formula 1 is famous for the fact that the way to implement progressive production from the advanced concept is much shorter here, and the whole process takes much less time than other industries.

According to Paddy Lovwell, technical director of Williams, it was Formula 1 who contributed to the rapid development of the technologies used in our time to make electric vehicles.

"When we were going to develop KRS systems in 2007, the law stated that it is not possible to use solutions based on electrical technology." – Then bet on flywill.

The fact is that at that time the energy density was limited, but we were able to increase it up to 100 times. I think that for this reason now Tesla is electric car. These machines require higher battery density, and this has come from Formula 1.

Now F1 teams have become more professional than ever in the past, and there is a big budget. Although we always complain about the shortage of money, but the team has complained for more than 30 years.

We all know there are serious problems in distributing funds, but in general, every team, at least good performance, provides better funding than the past. Therefore, the level of engineering employees is now very high, and the results of these experts have never been implemented with such efficiency. So the game grows commercially and technically develops. "

Lawe remembered the first years of his career in Formula 1, when he worked in Williams and was involved in creating an innovative active suspension for the FW 14 B car: "If we talk about technical solutions that we can use in a car, then We were limited only by our own capabilities and our own imagination. I started the period of early career "Time of the Wild West", because if a specific idea in the morning might be considered: "But let's think of a traction control system, develop a power steering or an active defender", then we went and did it. The rules are not limited to us.

The only thing, then it was not possible to implement our ideas well. So, if the time was very interesting, but the quality of the products was too far to be desired, and I found it very uncomfortable. Now the situation has changed completely, and if we see a certain difference in the rules, we will use it immediately and create a specific system in relation to the days which will be technically perfect …

We have focused on success, we have a tool, we try to win and we are able to finish things. You know, in our time, people write books in which they spend such ideas: If you want to do something, assign it to Formula 1. "

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