Wednesday , January 20 2021

Regina Todoranco's husband, Flat with Flat with Vltala Topolachov, Anastasia Tukmachowa – Photos

Famous Russian singer, Vlad Toplov, who is the husband of the TV host Regina Todoranco and the father of her child, has separated herself from unexpected gestures on the Instagram social network. Under the post of popular beauty Anastasiya Tukmachicha, Toplove left his comment, which caused the users to become angry.

Tukmayova is a popular blogger with over 360,000 subscribers. A few days ago, she published a photo of Holidays in Bali, where she boasted her gorgeous figure.

Whalal toppal does not ignore such a hot shot by comment: "Wow." Anastasia Tukmayova responded with the emoticons to Vlal Topolov.

However, in the comments, the users bounce over to Tapov, reminding them that they got married to Rajina Todoranco, and recently the couple had a son. Meanwhile, TalkMatch attracts its many thousands of subscribers.

According to the facts, she wrote a song for her son's birth, and Regina shot a touching video for her.

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