Thursday , July 29 2021

Samsung is betting on Bixby, but analysts doubt the success

Samsung Electronics makes efforts to promote its sound assistant, bikesby, and by 2020, this AI platform plans to make a standard choice for all its electronic products. However, market experts are skeptical about Samsung's possibilities of strengthening this area, where American IT giants are strong competitors for the South Korean vendor, The Financial Times report.

Ai Auxiliary Boxer started with the Galaxy S8 in March 2017. So far, Samsung has introduced voice support only in high end smartphones, but in the next two years, the company plans to cover all its electronics, including from mobile devices to home appliances, television, refrigerators and air conditioners.

However, analysts say that Boxer's capacity is limited to competing American platforms more than Apple Siri, Google Helper and Microsoft Courts, which can do huge tasks and serve as a complete digital accessory.

"The software is not very difficult to install in the home appliances. The problem is how the software will work." Samura analyst SVA said that this is an important difference. Chuna (CW Chung), to strengthen Samsung's position in this area Looks.

His partner of Kim Young-Woo (Kim Young-Woo) of SK Securities said that it was a matter of expanding the ecosystem, while Samsung had little success in software and services.

The expert says, "I am skeptical of languages ​​that Bucksby really understands and how many Samsung customers can attract their service."

In the coming months, Samsung has promised to add support for more languages. So far, Samsung's Voice Support is able to understand and speak English, Chinese and Korean.


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