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Sony talked about rebooting classic playstation

November 18, 2018, 11:10 – REGNUM
The Japanese company Sony Playstation is 45 percent short of the game console company's console service.

Sonny said the details of the classic PlayStation game consoles are being resumed. By 1994, the original release was released and the company now releases a new version of PlayStation Classics.

The design of the new console will reset a real one, but the prefix is ​​45% smaller. It's a fact that CDs do not need to include games to the console now, and 20 of the best video games of that time have already been loaded on the device.

The console includes two controllers in the original design. Connects to the console through HDMI connector and has a slot for memory card.

Set top box in Russia is priced at 8,999. The sale will start in December 2018.

In November, the publication of the screen-screen PlayStation reported that the original software was not using the software, but an open source emulator.

Previously, repeat the classic consoles performed by Nintendo in the same model.

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