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Stock tire. What happens in the rest of Ukraine, without heat


Smile, Shepatoku, Cravo Rog, Pavlagradod, Sevadonatez, and Koprivovskiy the most critical situation heats. In some of these cities, the problem has already been solved, and other positive changes have not yet arrived.

In Smela, in the Cherkess region, city authorities are going to set the emergency on November 12, but there is nothing official official state report of the state of emergency in the Mayor's office website yet. Like the heat on the batteries.

In the houses, hospitals, schools and kindergarten did not quench. Moreover, the batteries are not going to be predictable even when they turn warm. The big debts of the former electricity distribution company, Smelly Energonvest Investment. The authorities in the malaivaa cooperated with the customers failing to meet the obligations of gas. The main distribution company Smalecometoplonengo.

"Officially we record all records in Emergency, local governments and ministries," City Mayor Alexis Sibi said.

The gas prepaid does not have any money. Therefore, they are offering a loan of 30 million hryvnia. But the decision has not been taken yet.

There are rallies in freezing city, where people live and ask them to solve the problem. The most active residents are visiting Kiev, to designate the Cabinet of Ministers and Naphtagas.

Shipyard officially recognized the situation as serious. A notification on the office of the local mayor declares that the city's authorities "are making all legal tools to legally solve the problem." Now the residents of the city call it at 12 noon on November 14th. What exactly happens is unknown.

Earlier, Shepovka Ergonquet stock was in debt of Nak Naftogaz Ukrainy, according to the company's mayor's office, Sheppocas Gas. The gas pressure on the city's gas supply network will be reduced from November 13 onwards. "Gas distribution will be halted throughout the sheetplate, which will lead to a local emergency situation around the city," Mayor Michael said.

Most parts of the Criovoy rogue remain unchanged. As of November 11, 78 schools, 75 kindergartens, 22 hospitals, 30 community facilities, 2011 homes and a military unit were without heat. Here are the children with forced leave.

The maximum temperatures in schools are +14 ° C, the children wear warm clothes and have done some studies in schools, but this is not as comfortable as it is, 'said Tashanya Craigak, head of the city education department.

Today, locals came out to protest the Quoros gas building. Boiler houses demand to supply gas. In addition, the apartment does not make it hot. So they simply heard and gave the fire to the fire.

Earlier, the Chryvoy Rog gas plant, responsible for the Boeer's housing operations, published a gas distribution network for cholerosists to interrupt the chorosagags.

At the same time, the company itself stated that they are guilty. According to Krivoyozhogaz's representatives, the problem was raised because Naftogaz did not accept the gas consumption rate for the Krivoy Rog table plant.

As a result of negotiations, a deal was reached, along with representatives of the CraWoy Rog Table Plant, the Crowe Rogue team traveled to Kiev for talks with New York. Quirous Roads, along with Boeer # 5, # 6 will start preparations for the boycott.

On November 10th, the city hall, city hall and the boiler houses in the city are going to heat up to all towns with "central hall" and "centralized heating system". First, all hospitals will be distributed to hospitals, kindergartens and schools.

Delay due to delay: public debt. KP Pavlogradteploenergo Nikolay Vovk The heat used by the head is approximately 100 million UAH of total debt. The people say that the tariff is very high.

In the meantime, the children continued holidays on a holidays. The heat will return to classes. Soon, school buildings will need for a few days. Consultation groups were organized in senior classes. The primary school students will study distantly.

In the meantime, locals come to protest. Today, roads have been blocked in two high-rise homes. Komodov, Zapadnodonbasskaya gas on the streets, without heating hot water, and already heating up to two months. The protesters blocked the Danipper-Donetsk highway in Mastersstroytely.


"We have controlled this situation and gas from the homes that worked at the local gas plant." Their right to express their position, "said Andrew Savagorodnani, Head of Public Require and Production Department at the protest rally, reports.

In Severodonetsk, the heating must be switched on October 27, and on the evening of November 10 only "sink the boils". Because there is no authorized limit for gas supply of Severodonetsk CHP.

Classes resume from schools today. Because of the hazard in winter, 50 houses are still unheard of.

Kropyvnytskyi gradually becomes warm. Batteries will heat on October 26th. This date was received from the city hall. But the locals have been frozen till now. It was reported on the website in the city hall. 98% of residential buildings are already connected. Hospitals, schools and kindergartens are already being heated. But there were a lot of casualties in the city. Now general applications work.

In addition, classes in two dozens of schools in Kinski and Dyaprottsk region have been halted. By November 18 The dinier CHP in the city hall website is warm and will work until the end of this week.

The city was forced to sign a bail bond to guarantee the Naftogaz tactic of UAH 400 million borrowing within 5 years. The main amount of debt – people's debts.

Nafegaqs has already said, "Nobody is going straight to the valves, valve under the control of local gas companies." The Cabinet and Verkhovna Rada will be set up in Naphrugas gas rights to sell gas.

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