Friday , January 15 2021

Tesla reduced prices for all its electric cars

This is a report in the company's report.

Tesla explained the need for this step by reducing federal tax breaks for electric vehicle buyers.

The company produced the record in 2018. According to him, last year the company's largest number of cars were collected in the history of the company. In the last quarter, Tesla produced 86,555 cars, which is 8% higher in the previous quarter.

The fourth part of the car produced in the fourth quarter comes on the sedan Tesla model 3 sedan – more than 61.4 thousand. The remaining Tesla model S sedans and Tesla models X crossroads (more than 25.1 thousand)

Together with the production, the company increased the supply of electric vehicles. According to Tesla, in the fourth quarter last year, 90.7 thousand cars were delivered (but an increase of 8%).

In 2018, the company delivered 245.2 thousand cars – almost the same as in all previous years, the report has been emphasized.

Agency Bloomberg reported that after the announcement of this decision the company's stock has fallen by 10%.

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