Monday , January 18 2021

The asteroid ultima tula in the Kuiper belt always looks brighter. And this is pretty strange!

Ultima Thule – A planet near the Pluto's orbit in the Kuiper belt. Its size is 25 to 45 kilometers. Astronomers have first discovered using the Hubble orbital telescope. The space body is an unusually wide spirrop, or asteroid is a mixed pair or dust cloud.

This issue will examine the new horizons, which will reach the body of the universe in approximately ten and a half months. Now the device Ultima is 1.1 million kilometers away.

In the last three months, New Horizons have sent many photographs to Earth, and scientists have not noticed any change in the light curve on any of them – the researchers believe that after moving the object, its brightness will increase. However, this has not happened.

Earlier, New Horizons discovered a hydrogen "wall" on the solar system's boundary, where interstellar hydrogen solar winds are hit. Scientists analyzed 360-degree snapshots of ultraviolet radiation around the probe and found a strange luminosity. It can potentially mean the presence of condensed hydrogen.

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