Wednesday , May 18 2022

The Diversification of Business by Uber


The diversification of the business is ruined by an increased number of Uber

Uber, prepares for the debate on the Exchange in 2019, reports its third quarter results. The total loss during the period was $ 939 million, a 32% increase from last quarter.

This was not a surprise to the management of the company. Invest in new ways to explain future growth of business.

Uber executive director Dara Khosroshahahi (Dara Khosroshahi) predicts the main service of the company that controls about half the business in the web aggregator, a passenger of private cars. Rentals in food delivery services (Uber consumption), electric scooters, bicycles and cargo transport (Uber freight) are available for rent. However, realizing the reality of this prophecy is huge investment in the development of these services, as well as India and the Middle East.

The EBITDA in the third quarter was $ 527 million, 24% higher than the second quarter, but 13% less than the previous year.

The third quarter's revenue grew by 5 percent to $ 2.95 billion compared to the second quarter, with an annual growth of six months ago, down 38 percent, and the company discussed nine billion investments with SoftBank Group.

On the other hand, total orders amounted to 12.7 billion dollars, an increase of six percent over the previous quarter and 34 percent a year.

Uber has introduced special economic conditions for the first time to deliver a 30-minute delivery service from restaurants and restaurants. This year, the total amount for orders increased by 150% to $ 2.1 billion.

Last year, Uber announced that the Uber population will reach 70% of the population in the year end. Khosrassani said that the stimulus growth of bilateral goods would be a positive dynamics for Uber Business.

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