Friday , June 18 2021

The player's main striker is a dynamo specialist

Football is ready to help the team through the following routes:

Striker Kiev "Dynamo" Basmidine Aichi pain was injured In the middle corner.

Today, football has participated Donetsk "Olympic" He said after the game how he thought.

"We feel normal, playing without play right now, we're waiting for arrival, four days relaxed, I did not relax, it's good to be together with everyone.

The most important thing I have already taken, my leg does not bother me, but I still need to play it safe and take care of myself. I think everything is fine "- Words quoted forward

In today's sportsmen in Pitmen, the footballer appeared in the field from the start and replaced it after half.

Since October 7, the 11th round of the US Open will be the first time for Bessadie to beat the Olympics.

This season, the 22-year-old striker spent six matches for a dynamo in the Ukraine championship.

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