Tuesday , June 22 2021

The US Treasury is strengthening the fight to cut off the black money while buying substances in the country's major cities

The US Treasury developed its anti-money program
Title insurance companies require fake characters to be revealed
Companies buying luxury real estate.

Reduce the amount bar of the new terms
Possible transactions according to disclosure requirements are as follows
The Wall Street Journal wrote that the program will be extended to five new cities

Buying transactions of real estate companies,
Officially registered, but not without inadequate and topical activities,
Legal, because they are very attractive for the purpose of money transmitters
Unknown, and does not require any explanation of the used product
Purchase funds.

For years, this industry has no
It was under control, and only recently it was under scrutiny
American authorities.

Sector controlling program started
In January 2016 all its components will be reviewed once every six months.

Companies according to the new terms
The owner of the property must be directed to the authorities
Data on all purchasing transactions with limited liability companies
The real estate real estate is located at $ 300 300 in 12 urban areas of the US
At least a minimum of the purchase must be made available through bank check
Money orders or cryptocartin.

Boston, Chicago,
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Miami, New York,
San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle.

Previously applied for demand
7 Urban districts and bar prices depend on these
The area.

After the start of the program, the transaction's size
Real estate companies buy the US with the full money
About 70% decreased, the Federal Reserve said
(FRB) The New York University of Miami.

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