Thursday , January 21 2021

Toront users will get compensation based on tron-based troponturrency

Singapore-based Beat Torrent Foundation will launch a bit torque token (BTT) coin based on the TRON protocol. The main functions of the BTT will be fees for users for distribution of files.

Note that due to the fact that users are downloading the necessary files at the moment, others leave it on the network. However, later the motivation to continue the distribution has not been made after downloading the material they have. The objective of the BTT token is to solve this problem by working as an award for distribution of files.

BTT was built to continue the Atlas project based on the TARC-10 standard, but it is also fully compatible with ERC-20. The cumulative issue will be 9 090 billion BTT, and the tokenile bills will be taken from the exchange of bitcoin based on the launchpad platform.

At the same time, the AreidoPro will be conducted, the schedule will be posted on the Twitter page of TRON Justin Sana's creator.

Initially, users of μTorrent Classic Windows Client will be able to use tokens, but this will not be prerequisite for using the service.

In the early summer, Justin Sena successfully closed the deal to buy a bit torrent and took the place of CEO. According to some estimates, the transaction amount was approximately $ 120 million.

Recall that in November, bittorants and μ torrentants were able to buy premium products for Bitcoin, Beyoncance Coin (BNB) and TRON (TRX).

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