Tuesday , August 16 2022

Toyota launches new Corolla sedan


After the presentation of hatchback and station wagon corolla Toyota took a long break, Interestingly, Uraniumon's four-door revision is the best. Also, Japanese fights seriously in the new sedan, now we understand, AUTO.RIA.com writes.

The new sedan presentation in Toyota was decided to take place in two places: the US and China. Interestingly, the US and global corolla are quite different in design. The hatchback is very similar, the only difference between bumpers and fake radiator. But the global output of four watts has changed quite differently. From the general with a hatchback, it's probably the doorstep.

With the changes in generations, the sedan has moved to TNGGA Modular Platform. In a trolley for FORTRAN WAI, the Corolla Station raised the wheelbase to 2,700 mm from the wagons. Simply put, the new sedan will surprise everyone with a broad interior, saying that the old Corolla is not the closest of the classes.

Under the driving habits, the new model will be much different than the predecessor. Instead of creating a low beam multi-link is now installed on the rear axle. It is no secret that maintenance of such suspension is more expensive, but Toyota believes that global consumers have already arrived in Corolla.

Consisting of a 1.8-liter hybrid sedans in Europe, the total power of 122 horsepower will fall. The four quarters of the 1.6 liter Ghazolin engine with 132 Auri will be lower. In the database, this engine is offered in manual transmission. You can order a version with a variable with an extra commodity.

Already a good stuff in the initial stages of the European sedan. Japanese offer is a complex security concept in starter kit. This includes automatic emergency breaking systems, blind inspection, traffic sign identification and adaptive cruise control. But a little review of the picking of the Ukrainian market. For instance, update orders are among the most affordable models we offer without security senses.

We wrote it earlier Toyota and Subaru recall thousands of cars: problem models. Campaign will influence the cars produced in a few years.

That 's it Toyota recalls over one million cars Worldwide to eliminate electronic defects. A company spokesperson said that a car was burnt due to the loss in Japan in September. No one hurts anyone.

Recalling the car with errors is popular worldwide. In the summer of 2017, automotive giants Ford, Nissan and Masada have recalled 2.7 million units. Insufficient airbags are made by Japanese company Takata. In the spring of 2018, awaited Russia received over 100,000 laddoated cattle and grant vehicles.

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