Saturday , September 24 2022

True lovers: Lorac excited the network of photos with popular Russian singer Sergi Lazarev – the show's latest news business


Ukrainian singer Anne Laurek, who lives and works in Russia, has provoked the network with new photos. On it, she stood with Russian singer Sergei Lazarev.

In the picture, the artist who posted on her Instagram page is standing next to Lazarev, and she gently shakes her in return.

"They say that there is no friendship in the show business, but I say that this happens! I keep a photo with your dear friend, on my promise," Lorac wrote.

Netizens has noted that it is probably not just friendship that connects artists.

Objettell earlier wrote that Un Locker received another prestigious Russian prize in the Kremlin, which was a song about breaking. Fans get hidden effects in the artist's show His fans in the network noted that the creation is a prophecy and after that he started the difficulties in his family.

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