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Two brothers restored the GJA-69 father, turned them into Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The domestic model was in GAZ-69, since 1972
One owner's hand.

Two brothers restored the GJA-69 father, turned them into Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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Over time, the car completely lost its appearance,
As well as technical parameters The two brothers decided together
Turn the car into a Mercedes-Benz and repair it

Two brothers restored the GJA-669 father, converted it into Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2

GHZ-6 was thrown to the ground. Large number of parts
Was disposed of. Creating a new car, used only
Frame, bridge and imported engine, installed on the car in advance
ZMM-402. All other details were taken from UAZ-3151.

Two brothers restored the GJA-69 father, turned them into Mercedes-Benz G-Class 3

To use the body in five-door G-class
I was cutting, turning into three doors. Thus appeared
The chance to establish the body on the chassis GAZ-69 Hood and radiator
Grille area has been increased by 20 centimeters. There were wings

Two brothers restored the GJA-69 father, turned them into Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4

After the surgeon, the body was painted beautiful, rich
Silver color All bumpers were made from the channel itself.
Almost all of the interior plastic and rear optics are taken from
The original G-Class model.

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Two brothers rehabilitated GJA-6papa, turned them into Mercedes-Benz G-Class 6

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For those who face this grief,
Third option.

Studied Rubber or Velcro, there is an option

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Studied tires in our country are continued more often
50% of winter tires, known as "velcro". However
Automotive Accessories Market in the near future
There will be a third "player" rubber-studded tire

The company's experts have called this development a new word,
New technology in the production of tires for cars On the basis
Renovation is the idea of ​​altering the body of aluminum spines with rubber.

In the beginning of this winter season, Continental sent a trial
A batch of new products in the Russian market. One thousand copies
Logging into the company's commercial network in Russia Free Sale
Manufactured tires using innovative technology will start
In the Fall of 2019 This series of tires will be a bit more expensive than that

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Beautiful, but broken Lamborghini Huracan Perfomance 2018
Year, is currently in the coopart.

Lamborghini's may be a good way to defeat Hurricane.

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Of course this car can not satisfy all the imaginations.
There is a desire to get a sports car, but it is an affected transport
This tool can be an excellent source of revenue.

If you see a sports car with a front and passenger side,
You can also think that the car just left the factory. But if
Make a closer look and look at the driver side and see
Back, you can see that this Lamborghini failed
Off-road check

It is documented that you can drive a car, more
In addition, the estimated cost of the machine is 316 thousand
Despite the sky high cost tag in the sky, the highest price
A little earlier it was only $ 73,500.

We saw that airbags do not participate in this event,
However, the possibility of ending the car can not be ruled out
From mechanical or electrical damage. In this case, you need to
Completely changing the passenger door, side skirt, rear
Render, rear light and bumper

Buying a heavily-hit supercar is very risky
Occupation, but people who know what to do, can be totally different
Profitable business In any case, we would be interested to see
How much will the car cost after repairs

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The most common car on the right is the theft
Wheel is stolen.

Avoid How to steal a wheel

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And despite this argument, the courts do not sink in the 90's, the criminals are all
Just pay attention to the wheels. And mostly stole
Open alloy wheels. There are some simple, too
Time-based advice that will help in solving the problem. Use
Paid parking, which is not intended to be deliberate
These places

While parking, do this in such a way as to deprive the infiltrators
Opportunities to remove wheels. The ideal option will be released,
Public parking spaces equipped with surveillance cameras
Parking spaces and so on. Try putting it like a car
So that one side of it is completely close to the wall or a fence.

Install censored car alarm system.
Knit If thieves try to take off, it will work.
Wheels. Use the so-called "secrets" to protect wheels.
This name was made for a special bolt
Unusual Head Configuration To do such unscrew
Scammers need a proper key for wheels, which are not always there
Is in stock.

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This intrusive concept is different from any other

Its name is Mercedes Bionic.

2005 Mercedes Bionic: A natural concept that we forgot 2

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He made his debut at the event held in Washington in June 2005
Daimler Chrysler Innovation.

2005 Mercedes Bionic: A natural concept that we have forgotten 3

Car Features: 2.0-liter turbo powered engine
Power 138 horsepower, automatic transmission, front ratios
Resistance – 0.19, length 4.24 meters, width 1.82 meters and height
1.59 meters

2005 Mercedes Bionic: A Natural Concept That we Lost 4

Mercedes examined the idea of ​​building a car at a time
Influenced by nature, especially a marine species
Living in Indian and Pacific Ocean

2005 Mercedes Bionic: A Natural Concept That We Lost 5

Like the source of inspiration, the concept took so much
Exotic shape, but with a coefficient, it was very arodiomatic
Resistance is just 0.19, such as Volkswagen XL1
After a few years For reference, most of the Aerodynamic Serials
A car purchased for money, has come today
Mercedes-to-A-Class sedan with a coefficient of 0.22.

2005 Mercedes Bionic: A Natural Concept That we Lost 6

In addition to the outer and minimal cabin with panoramic roof
Instead of regular mirrors the camera, compact two-door bionic too
It was interesting for its impressive high-fuel efficiency.
Equipped with a 2.0-liter turbo powered engine
Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology,
The unconventional concept used an average of 4.3 liters per 100

2005 Mercedes Bionic: A Natural Concept That we Lost 7

The official press release indicates fuel usage of only 2.8
90 km 100 km while driving at hour / hour

2005 Mercedes Bionic: A Natural Concept That We Lost 8

Bionics can be accommodated and designed for up to four people
To carry out the biological expertise by Mercedes
Principles of Nature Development in Automotive Engineering ":

2005 Mercedes Bionic: A Natural Concept That We Lost 9

"This process is based on the SKK (soft kill option) method:
Body or chassis components are preferred using a computer
As the modeling becomes more subtle and in content
Eventually the fully loaded areas were fully clipped,
When high loaded areas are strengthened. Applying
Esco method of the entire structure, when weight reduces by 30%
As time, stability, impact resistance and other indices
Driving mobility remains unchanged "

2005 Mercedes Bionic: A natural concept that we have forgotten 10

2005 Mercedes Bionic: A Natural Concept That We Lost 11

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In the 1980s, VAZ-125 was very interesting.
VFTS Racing Version.

Lada VFTS Review

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This car was named in honor of its creator –
Stacey Brunza, the famous racer, occupied those days
The position of the leader of the Vilnius Transport Factory

About 30 cars were sold in this
The influence spread across Europe. In the meantime
Updates, the car is significantly lost "thanks"
Aluminum hood, door and trunk lid, and lateral windows
Plexiglass is created with a similar purpose.

With a 1.3 liter engine, talented engineers squeezed 160
Horsepower, thanks to the updates, confidently cars
Feel in various rally races.

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