Thursday , June 8 2023

We know who donated more money for the assassination of Ganti Suzuki / Gordon


The customer who attacked an activist from Kherson, Ekaterina Gandzyuk later died, "but not really," said Valentino Roman Citizen.

"Who suggested Kathi Ghansuki?" Know who is the client of the activist activist of the Kremlin City Council, Ekvina Ginsock. About this volunteer service, the founder of Roman Sainich,, said in an interview on November 9.

"The area of ​​the agricultural area is a problem since 2014, the high pro Russian feelings … are full of jealousy with former troopers and communists … We know how much money has been handed over to who kicked Katie?" – said the volunteer.

He did not enter the customer's name or location.

I'm sure the money will be handed over to Kerssen Police and Prosecutor's Office. They did not seek real customers. The craft was a tactic: let's remind you how Nicholas was arrested for robbing customers and the search for success through Facebook. [нардеп от “Народного фронта” Антон] Gerashchenko, [первый заместитель главы Нацполиции Вячеслав] He wrote that they captured the actors. Journalists found an iron alibi with him – a false prophet drank in the sea for several days. He lived in a tent when he attacked Kaiti.

Gansuku Dried with sulfuric acid On July 31, at the entrance of her home in Kershon. She had more than 30 percent of her body's chemicals. Acid also got behind her in her head, arm, and eye. On August 1 she Delivered to key For further treatment. Gansuku More than 10 activities are delivered.

In the Gandhianic incident, investigators Sergei Tornein, Vladimir Vazianovich, Vyacheslav Vishneski, Victor Gorbenov and Nikita Grubachak were the victims of the assassination attempt. Ukraine is organizing the eastern naval warfare as part of the NGOs. No one has ever made a name for the offender.

On November 4, Catherine died of Gandhi.

In the article "In Pre-murder Murder", the police launched a "special assassination attempt" against the activist and reviewed the criminal proceedings and handed over all the articles in the Gandhi case to the main investigating department of SBU.

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