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Who wrote to Kathi Ghansuki at the Precursion Office? Ukraine – visited the police


Squad Art Gallery "Speech proof", a civic entrepreneur "Who suggested Kathi Ghansuki?" The National Police Staff came into use as an office. The activists believe that the visit of former law enforcement officers in connection with the arrest of Igor Pavlovsky, former Assistant General Dept of Nicaragua, was detained by SBU for suspected murder of the mayor's advisor.

"We detained Pavelovsky, and we associate the police attack on the squad which has been used as a collective place for our assault." We think this is not a coincidence, but it's our initiative and we are trying to create pressure and create it deliberately, "he added on Monday.

Natalya Sedelacekaya, editor-in-chief of the Schema Investigation Journalism Project, said: "Artists and activists who are facing threatened disagreements have faced opposition.

"Today, artists and off the lights, and then the new tenants on the second floor of a new agreement with the owner to take all the talents, and they said oppuvaruttumenn Rental appeared, they wrote in a statement to the police kanikkatirunnenkilum a clear – and the rental of a complaint that they had to go to the artists who missed out Are reluctant still valid, "the journalist wrote on Facebook.

Sedelacekaya explained that the building was withdrawn from communal property in Kiev's Mayor Lionid Chernovtsky.

"In the era of Olly Davi Kiv City Council's Secretary of State, Mr Olivier Dave Kev was not in the hands of the communal assets, and in the end he was in his own hands, along with the uncle of the Roman Nazirov, like the nearby buildings," said the editor of the "Writer's Street," the chief editor of the proposed schemes.

According to the report of the journalist, local activists, activists and artists are working together to prevent the UNESCO Protected Area Office building. They also suggest building buildings for Myanmar's ownership and museum quarters.

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Catherine Ghansu died on Nov. 4 Kiev hospitalized. The official cause of death is: With a chemical attack, 39% of the body's remains remain in the body.

Gantzgi's criminal case after being killed after his death Murder, murder,.

Journalists and activists from "Petro Porzóno Black" Peoples Deputy Assistant from Nikolai Palamarek Igor Pavlovsky is an intermediary Actor Gandhisuke's murderer's customer and consumer Sergei Torgin donated funds to the fund. After a team of workers was arrested Pavlovsky was ready to conquer the murdererBut the law attempted to implement.

November 10 Workers SBU blocked Pavlovsky Without the right to bail.

July 31 Ganditi succulent sulfuric acid concentrated The gateway to her home in Kershon.

In August, five policemen were arrested by the police. Investigators say that Vladimir Vasyanovich It must be pointed out that Gandhusque entered the entrance. Nikita Grubby – Prior to purchasing the Victor, pour the acid in it Gorbenov. The group's driver was Vysel Vishnu's. Sergey Turbanus As for the rest of the group of organizers of the murder. All questionable organizations are part of volunteer units at ATO, 1997-2000 Torbin He worked as a colleague at Kersen police.

Read more about Catherine Gansock's activities in Kershon and potential customers of their murder, Read the article by Sergei Wahmann "The culprit"Weekly" Mirror of the Week. Ukraine. "

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