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"Zenit" – In the "Gulf" match, Utsav was controversially eliminated, two goals from the hosts were canceled and he did not give a penalty. Dzuba called the judge a hero – Russia 2019 – the Blues


Yet, the main scandal of the weekend.

"Zenith" and "Gulf" have just started, not all fans have settled into the stands, but the field is already burnt.

In the 7th minute, Irokhin was eager for someone else's goal, going one after the other, but before the penalty crashed. The ball lifted to Azun, beating the goalkeeper and hitting a blank. Krestovsky registered a 1-0 record, but Judge Alexei Matunin expressed his joy: He canceled out the goal and eliminated Rizvan Utsev, who was running behind Irokhin and sliced ​​the midfielder.

It's just that you can't see it on a repeat of the touch – it looks like Irokhi had accidentally knocked the other leg off with one foot. True, he ran to the gate with all his might and even a very careful touch could interfere. It was a little early: Utsev touched Arokhin's leg with his knee, after which he could stumble at that speed.

The festival looked startling, and Rashid Rakhimov was furious: he yelled something to the reserve judge and actively waved his hands.

However, everyone was unhappy, as the disruption prevented Zenit from taking the lead. Here is what Semac said after the match: "Matuni needs a moment to watch. I didn't like it at all, fans expressed their opinion after the game. We have to think about our game. Rigoni scored a clean goal. The first moment was to finish the game.".

What Akmat will choose is still unknown: lose the first minute or lose a player. There is one version that is just another.

Rigoni's canceled goal was already in the second half. In the 51st minute, Rakitsky threw his half-ball to the Argentine, he turned and scored a goal, but the judges regained a fide position. And this is clearly debatable: if you navigate on LN, Rigoni honestly scored.

"Zenith" is not satisfied with the second point: In the 65th minute, Rakitski grabbed the ball in the penalty area of ​​the second, giving it to Irokhin, who fired a shot, but the ball fell into the hands of Anton Schwets and the ball landed far ahead. Matunin did not appoint a penalty, the assistant did not help either.

"Matunin is the main character of the match," Dzibaba was furious. – We scored a clean goal, and that falls for 15 minutes. How is this possible? Is VAR in one match but not another? Will Yegorov listen again? What would he say? Our championship has begun, everyone plays well except the judges. They need to be added. All fouls are unclear how they will be interpreted, yellow or not yellow, the judges have little doubtGeneral Chat Chat Lounge I think that's a shameGeneral Chat Chat Lounge It's our own fault that we didn't open it, but when the players lied 15 minutes and the goalkeeper scored 20 runs out … and he didn't even show up in the yellow! Just the hero of the match! "

Once again, how are you missing out.

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