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Kaomi Haahe. Picture: Caroline Quinn
Kaomi Haahe. Picture: Caroline Quinn

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Last week, a cancerous woman reportedly told them she was not cancer-free. But she is worried that if she can not save her life, she can not defame her drunkenness.

In 2009, the woman who provided wrong information to the BRCA1 gene is now in a serious condition.

The clinical genetics department of clinical genetics department of display, based on our ladies children's hospital, Crrappline, and the "transcription error" for children and adults for family traditions is undertaking a major review of these experiments.

The women's test was analyzed in a laboratory in the UK. A senior official in Dublin said in a letter that it was negative.

The woman's case has examined how thousands of BRC1 examined at the Center and how the BRACA test was tested and the results of all women were properly informed.

A senior official is on leave.

Kanimozhi was admitted to the hospital last night.

"Nothing is said, the girl has not received any direct information from the hospital," she said. There is no need for explanation for women.

Earlier, the epidemic asked for apology for an erroneous woman and the incident expressed regret at the children's hospital.

One spokesman said: "All the facts about this event have proven that a transcription error in a genetic exam has now been treated as an isolated incident with human error, a doctor who treats her.

"A review of our Ladies Children's Hospital, as a precautionary measure, is under the controls of all BRCA tests to ensure that the tests are transcribed correctly and no similar transcription error has occurred.

"We want to convince other patients who have tested the tests which are not tested and that there is no cause for anxiety or distress."

However, Hughighi claimed that his client was more responsible. "She needs answers, instead of all personal responsibilities – why did it happen, how to explain?"

Andrew Green, a professor, wrote a letter from the center's head.

"One member of the hospital has not introduced this woman to any panic," Houkhie said.

"This doctor wants to send you a heartfelt message and send a message to other women and families who have been genetically inspected in the hospital over the last 10 years, and you should approach your doctor and review your chart right away."

In the recent years, a number of important tests have been reported in the country due to numerous health conditions.

A spokeswoman for health minister Simon Harris said that there is no mistake. Senior officers at the center will soon meet a consultation between the woman and her consultant.

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