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& # 39; Fit and Healthy & # 39; The 19-year-old suffered no stroke response


After the student suffered a sudden stroke, a 19-year-old girl's "fit and healthy" life was rescued by her mother.

After the shifts working on the Evewood Farm Pub on Wednesday 19th June, there was no warning of any risks to adolescence before going to house in Rourkorn, Murshidas, Mundhi.

Liverpool Hope University was a student of psychology, but the living room was responding to the sofa, while her mother, Mary Milton, was listening to the TV and she was going down to save her life.

Elly was admitted to Whiston Hospital and given an entry-stroke medicine, she later moved to the Walton Center in the entry, where she had surgery to remove the pressure of the brain.

Her sister, 26-year-old Chelsea Hollande told the Ichio: "She is tough. She is hard to struggle at this moment; she has always been my child as her elder sister.

Ali Milton, 19, who suddenly fell into his home at Murdisho, Runcorn after a stroke

"But there is no other choice for the family than to be stronger, and help make it stronger. There is no other option."

Chelsea said at this stage, Eli, who woke up on June 21, could not speak and sleep under her right hand, but she is undergoing severe physiotherapy.

Doctors told the family that stroke was due to Ally's bloodstream, but efforts are being made to find out what is happening due to this clot.

Chelsea said that her sister is a popular student who enjoyed and traveled to Bingo's bingo and travel in Liverpool and she had recently returned to friends with friends.

To raise money for adolescent cancer charities was to run a Race for Life event in Cheshire Park, Cheshire on Sunday, which is inspired by her 12-month fight with breast cancer.

Eli Milton, her sister Chelsea Holland and mother Mary Milton

Her mother was taken by her mother Mary, and Chelsea described this event as "very emotional".

Chelsea said: "Alley is a very strong, very independent person, she was healthy and healthy and she is not like Elle to do everything for her, so at the moment it is difficult.

Ellee's manager, Sarah Travis, has started a campaign to fund the teenage family to help with its rehabilitation at Evwood Farm Pub.

Sarah said: "She has worked for us since she was 16 when she finished school. She is just a pretty girl and a fantastic member of the team. We do not have any problems with her.

These are signs to check according to the Stroke Association.

  • FaceWhat can a person smile? Has his face fallen on one side?
  • ArmsCan a person stand up both arms and keep them there?
  • Speech problems: Can a person speak clearly and understand what you are saying? Has his speech been frightened?
  • Time: If you saw any of these three symbols, that is it Time to call 999.

There is no way to know whether symptoms will start or they are better when they first start, so you need urgent medical help. Stroke is a medical emergency. Always dial 999. When a person comes on a fast-stroke specialist stroke unit, the faster they will receive the right treatment.

Other symptoms of stroke

Quick test helps in finding the three most common symptoms of stroke. But there are other signs that you should always take seriously. This includes:

  • Sudden weakness or inactivity on one side of the body including legs, hands or feet.
  • Difficulties finding words or speaking in clear sentences.
  • Lack of sudden vague vision or vision in one or both eyes.
  • Sudden memory loss or confusion, and dizziness; Or sudden reduction.
  • Sudden, serious headache.

If you find these signs of any stroke, do not wait. Call 999 directly.

"She always does things right and properly do not expect you to be a teenager."

Chelsea added: "We are just fools that many people want to help."

Sarah arranged a charity event at Iwoud Farm, from 8pm on July 12, which included Chris Styling, ITV's Morning Resident, besides Raffle, Auction and Live Music.

There is a £ 5 donation on the ticket door.

Sarah has also set up a crowded page to raise money for Ally's family, which is a target of £ 5,000.

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