Tuesday , August 16 2022

& # 39; What is the Leaving Point? & # 39; May Breakeet Deal puts the UK WRCA in pose



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Many cabinet ministers, including Brickt minister Dominic Rabb, have resigned. The May Conservative Minority government seems to be facing the threat. It is his own job as party chief.

Even though the Northern Ireland minister in the UK has resigned, the Pleeting Secretary of the Conservative Party Vice-Chairman, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Pension Secretary, will leave the UK on March 29, 2019, in a press conference in May. She has seriously rejected the possibility of another referendum, Sputnik said.

Speaking to Chief Alexander Merkur, Editor-in-Chief of Radio and Spitrick's Loud and Clear The Alcohol. What would this mean for Mayy's future, highlighting the possibility of the employment industry?

The current division is as old as 2016, a "hard", "soft" brelex, which will either leave the UK from the European Union's political zone or maintain some relation to the customs union, and free tour zone respectively. "Teresa May was not thinking of any of the two whom she wanted." That's why they keep secret even their secretive policies, not even their own ministers.

That is why "anyone passed the agreement with no intention," he said, "that's not all that rare.

Ministers pointed out that the bigger merkurs vekkunnatinekkal resignation, "Theresa May, to oppose the strict nikkannalunt Conservative Party leadership, Theresa May, to experience such a challenge, and now all of the speech nastamakumennatan. The obvious person to disappear from the avalkkumel – it atisaktamayatum, and more great political pratisandhiyumaya was [Labour Party leader] Jeremy Corbin becomes the next prime minister and becomes the new prime minister. "

The editor said that the resignation of the ministry could lead to the smell of "blood in water". However, the consensus among the Conservative Party has been signed because of the genuine anger in the deal, and in the UK, the UK is inevitably linked to a European Union with a European Union without the European Union or the European Union or the Republic of Ireland. "

"She has consistently followed a non-free anti-people stance," said Merkursi, [issue]. Instructions governing members, businesses, weights, standards of customs union, European Union and European Court of European Court are guaranteed. She repeatedly specifically said that Britain would not be part of the consortium and that they had actually made this promise.

A "soft border" between the Kingdom of Ireland and Northern Ireland took itself May. Britain decided to stay in Customs Union.

The UK thinks Brook whis is in a better position than before. Any vote in the European Union will lose it but will be exposed to the union's ears.

"If we have to continue indefinitely in a customs union … If the British economy effectively regulated the EU, then why did he leave?"

The Courbin Program is very different from this. "Avanagrahikkunnu to British society and the British economy and implement reforms to root-Broad activities. He looks, he speaks for a strong legacy of the Labor Party – Parliamentary Labor Party – that is, it sadhyamallennan of the European Union. The European union is very independent Mar The sample is organized on the lines of a neo-liberal bias, which show a sheaf of pariharannaleat. Etirppillate do some of the things he wants to do from the European Court of the European Union ".

"He was the Labor Party's position is totally different from the others, but I parannekkukayanenkil, jeremi kearbinekkuricculla from the idea, quite right when you say that, what else is unthinkable jeremi kearbin a few years ago pradhanamantriyakumea, at least he gives us clarity, he dares to say and what I do That is, the case of the others, he will play a role in others. "

That is, Mercury said after the announcement of Mayay's program. However, Tori said the dissolution of the British media by the Corbin from the standpoint of Corpora about the greatest performance of the Corinne government.

But Corbin itself played a tough match against the Conservative government and refused to take a firm stand on the issue.

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