Friday , May 7 2021

700bhp Jeep Grand Cherokee Track Hold £ 90 Lakh Does not cost

For a long time Porsche was playing alone in the Keane Turbo Super SUV Sandpit. Then came to the Range Rover Sport SVR and a few months ago, Lamborghini Yars. With 641bhp and 627lb feet, it is necessary to expect a good time to sit at the top of the SUV power table.

But no Because Jeep has decided to bring trackwalk to the UK. Authorized Dealer Approved, Warranty and Second We have been told that 20 will be available by the end of this year, in which a total of 100 offers will be made, each cost is £ 89,999. With almost half the cost of Ursus and all the exposures. Okay, okay, statistics say Uruus is 10 MP faster (190 mph) at the top and 62 cm (3.6 sq) more than 0.1 cents, but it does not come out of the showroom boasting more than 700 breaks, is that?

TrackHack does. Only 710PS is 700.2bhp. Apart from supercharged V8, torque is 640Lb feet. Standard kit includes leather trim everywhere, Bramboo brakes with yellow calipers (for a distance of 37 meters to a distance of 62 meters) and 825-watt 19-speaker Hermann Cardon sound system, adaptive cruise, surrounded camera, 20in titanium Finn wheels, Apple Carpel and Android Auto, and Billstein Adaptive Crowd But most importantly a huge, crowd forced 6.2-liter V8 and more than 700bhp.

Bring on drag races, we say. What is your money?

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