Monday , June 5 2023

A new reality for nursing patients was cultivated


People with life-limiting diseases can now travel anywhere from their bed cottage they want – a decent businessman.

Travel to remote areas of East Lancashire Hospital patients, experience the spirits of the rollercoaster or traveling into space – all the responsibilities of virtual reality technology.

Ram Gupta donated a Rs 3,500 pound VR system to the BlackBerry center Newbal IT.

The disease is the first patient in the trial, Mill Greenell-Baron and John Taylor.

There is a family of Austin, who has a heart disease. I wanted to get closer to my relatives.

He walked among wild wolves – he is very close to the beast.

He said: "People give you the opportunity to see the opportunities they do not see and will make people happy in the dance and you do not know how it works, but it's magic."

John, a kind of clench, enjoys a helicopter through the Grand Canyon, where a western area can be seen.

He said, "I did not want it to be colorful, but there were green leafy green, red and grass.

"Using VR is an escape and allows us to concentrate on anything else.

Ram and his team competed in the East Lancashire Hospital Corporate Challenge of the year to showcase the skills of technology.

Ram said: "Nursing nurses can benefit from traveling or unable to fulfill their wishes, which is a very precious experience."

The system in multiple headsets means that the patient can share the experience at the same time with the loved ones.

Senior hospital doctor Dr. Karen Hogat said: "Often, the end of the life ends, but for a number of reasons, they have not been able to fulfill their wishes.

"VR helps not to take medicines but to help the patient get sick from the pain they are experiencing." Another way to relax is to help them relax. "

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