Saturday , February 4 2023

Advertising for Xbox Live Gold Games for July •


Microsoft has announced the July Xbox Live Gold titles, and it's OK.

In July, Gold subscribers bring with four new free games: Two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360, which are later executable on Xbox One by compatibility.

The bunch is the best selflessly within the control of the wonderful sides of the Plaid, which is free on Xbox One throughout the month of July.

There is also a four player multiplayer game on Xbox One Big Crown: Showdown, which is free download from 16 July to 15 August.

Moving to Xbox 360, Castencia: Night Symphony is free from 1st -15th July. The PlayStation version of this game is the Xbox 360 port of Konami, which has been developed by Backbone Entertainment for release on the Xbox Live Arcade. It turned out in 2007.

Then, Disney Movie Tie-in Meat The Robinson is free from July 16 to July 31.

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