Monday , May 29 2023

Aliens: 580: We have learned about the inevitable invasion of AlienCon 2018


AlienCon will be a celebration of all Ancient AliensThe ferry focused on a packed panel on Friday morning. In less than an hour, an Aerospace engineer, science fiction novelist Travis Taylor, presented his vision of how humanitarianism would be prepared for the Atlantic occupation. It is assured that everyone at the Baltimore Convention Center will be able to ensure this weekend. Corner

Long story short: We're probably going to die.

But do not give up hope. Here are five things to know about the coming invasion, how to prepare it, and the battle of man to survive.

1. Aliens probably want to kill us

When foreigners arrive, do not expect a friendly life. Or something sparse, like the obvious alien Comes from. Taylor says, we're definitely watching independence Day Outlook.

"They come and eat what we eat," he says, "very well.

The biggest changes are human rights as a work force for enslaving and enslaving to the rest of the resources to all human beings abroad.

"I'm a slave than food," Taylor says.

There are ample reasons to explore when we reach the earth. But we need to appreciate the distance and effort needed for it. At least, that is not a coincidence.

"We have a big galaxy," Taylor says, "We're sending smokers' messages that are not jockeys!

"They want to wipe us down and do guerrilla warfare".

2. The war is going to be sacked

In the early 2000s, Taylor has poured in for the war of war and 150 years of different events by using some of the best computers. There was only a tactic to win, which is not so good:

"One way out was that every woman was pregnant three times over a 14-year-old or a gun." So we have to treat fertility. Logistics is performed with wounded, pregnant women and children. "

Wrap around.

Even worse, humanity is starting a major deficit. Taylor predicts that extraterrestrials will come to a great extent, and most of our civilization will be eliminated before it can be reacted.

"They will wipe us right away, we have to make guerrilla warfare," he says. "Afghanistan is like how he fought the Soviets."

Of course, there were financial support and military training from the US in Afghanistan. Who's going to go ahead? Helping humanity? The best thing is that the land aliens may struggle to fight for the war against each other.

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