Monday , March 1 2021

Amazon will pay you a day: Jeff Bezos

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has warned employees not to be flexible.

Asked about the failure of the giant retailers such as Bezos Sears, who met on Thursday every Thursday session of the day before announcing the winners in the company's headquarters competition. Daily Mail.

"Amazon is not too big to fail," Benzos said, adding CNBC. It was heard after the meeting.

"Amazon will be bankrupt, if you look at large companies, their lives will last 30 years, not more than a hundred years."

Bezos told the meeting that the key to survival is "to kiss customers".

"Instead of focusing on customers, we start to focus on ourselves, but it will be the beginning of the end," he said.

"As long as we can, we should try that day."

However, Bezos says that he noticed about long-term companies.

He laughed, "Most companies in multi-hundred-year-old companies are rides." "It's very interesting – I'm not sure what the community is saying."

The Amazon record is ready for a vacation.

The economy will capture 48 percent of online sales in the US. The e-makers say it will be 43 per cent by 2017.

On Tuesday, Amazon's new headquarters was announced in Queens, New York, and Arlington, Virginia, elsewhere. Many of the subsidies that were distributed to cities in beauty pageants shouted.

However, the more the competition it faces is the tax deductions of the Donald Trumpet and the use of the US Postal Service.

"I've mentioned my predefined figures with Amazon long ago," President Trim tweeted.

"Unlike the other, they have paid some taxes to the state and local governments, using our postal system as their delivery boy (huge loss to the US), and thousands of retailers coming out of business!"

In June, Bezos wrote a letter "We Will Build It" to Amazon's employees to end the reconciliation agreements with Amazon.

Explaining the historical militarization of police and the renewal of black activists and the growth of federal deportation forces, human rights violations are being discussed, how this technology will be deployed and the possibility of bay.

Amazon was asked to end the connection with the controversial data company Palanthri.

Amazon has also protected its recognition technology along with growing concerns from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union.

There is also a shock from their employees.

There is pressing pressure to hike agreements with ICEC and jurisprudence agents onto Amazon. It helps to test fashion recognition technologies.

ACLU software guided ACL "reads the manual for user authentication."

Amazon said, "if technology is too high," they have prevented technicians like this because they may misuse them.

This indicates that the tool has helped to find lost children in the past and has a stronger potential for criminal offenses in the future.

The Amazon Recognition has already been used for many positive purposes, the company claims.

This program involves identifying lost children in amusement parks and identifying those who have been abducted.

However, Amazon sought the assistance of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other privacy advocates.

Amazon's first release in 2016 was a reversal of a number of police departments in the US. Customers were given space in the Washington County Sheriff's Office in Oregon and the Orlando City of Florida.

Amazon has been offered $ 6 per month (US $ 8.72) and $ 12 a month.

In Oregon, depoties use 20 times daily – for example, in the footage to find the suspicious scene of the robbers.

Last month, the agency adopted policies that govern its usage. A field officer means that they can identify the person who is unable to provide their own ID or suspect that someone is in danger of being killed.

"We're not mass gathering, we do not take a camera in the street corner," said Jeff Talbot, a spokesman for the Sheriff's Office.

"We have to understand what we are doing in our local community and how it is used to fix crime – and what's important is, what is that?"

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