Friday , June 18 2021

& Beauty of Lift Off: & # 39; The first day of the cape is being introduced in six months

On Thursday morning, the beachplaces of the Playland Beach cooled off from Europe, shook their beach chairs and wondered at the surprise. On the first day of the day, they visited Space Cost to launch the rocket. Within half a year from here.

Favorite Rocket Launching Site Site – Early in the morning, a small mob before the breakfast beach road. The Kennedy Space Center Launching Composition 39A, then a SpaceX rocket, was launched in the sky of communications, 22,000 miles.

"Normally you see it on TV – it's true now," says Liberty Garcia, husband for five days in New Port Ridge from Canada's Snowdad Thief. He woke them up for a rocket fan at 5 pm from the Gulf Coast to the Spacecost.

Heaps of smoke from space Xfalcon 9 were dropped in the sky at 3:46 PM. Most enthusiastic, Liberty Garcia said earlier, "Lift of beauty."

German Snowbords Anders and Claudia Rouge are expected to launch their day one day at sea, which landed on their four weeks, Florida holiday.

"This has happened!" André said to Rachel. "Each one [launch,] It's a special moment. "

It is also unique about space coefficient: all early morning since early May. The first match was held on Thursday morning. Hours.

A Phalkon 9 rocket ride on the second satellite of the Sailail II satellite, the Qatar-based telecommunication system, SAI.

Seyailat said that satellites for Qatar, the Middle East and North Africa will communicate with communications and better broadband connectivity. In August 2013, Eshehail-1 would be able to go to Spain and provide more support for anti-cyber security.

It is possible to use radio antennas in amateurs radio anatomy. For the first time an amateur radio transponder was sent to the Geostationary Orbit.

In place of the satellite above the equator, in Brazil and India, Ambassador radio can connect users – in a single hops.

The Falkcon 9 Block 5 Booster already provides the emphasis on travel In July, the Telescope was launched from 19 VANTAGE communication satellites. On the Atlantic Ocean's SpaceX Dragon drone, the course behind "Course I'll Love You You" was postponed.

Thursday's booster is likely to be resumed at the "Off Course I'll Still Love You", after the withdrawal of the lieutenant. SpaceX has not yet used a Booster three times.

It was at the 18th position of the company this year. This is the record for 2017. The space explosion is going to overwhelm the past few years before a long time ago.

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