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Best Android apps for the best smartphone or tablet

Since the Google Play store has over 3 million Android apps, it is very hard to draw wheat from chocolate – so that's what we did for you.

Anyone who owns a smartphone can become more like a relationship and may flourish after some time. You do not have to look like "spark".

The basics we all know – Instagram, Twitter, Youtube – but we can face it, and get a bit of stuff after that a little bit. So instead of compiling a stuff you already know, we've collected a bunch of amazing apps that you have never heard of.

These apps will improve your productivity, improve user experience and introduce some attractive features to help you make the most of your Android smartphone.

Oh, they're all free.

1. Joy

Since only the third-party Reddit application has manual GIFs and videos, Joy has a beautiful design, almost unlimited customization options, and a life-script comment shaggur that makes browsing threads a complete comfy. Includes all-in-one magazine-style interface for text-to-speech interface for AMAs. An unquestioned king of Reddit clients.

Alternative: Sync for reddish

2. Induador

Inordador is a beautiful, simple, designed and best-selling news program designed to give you the best newsreading experience. The app aggregates news from sources like Apple News or Google News, however, stirrings the innovation's personal features. The app allows you to subscribe to unlimited news feeds and folders, to save and share apps and offer hiay night mode.

Alternative: Google News

3. Black Player

We all know that music systems like Apple Music and Spotfify have good options. BlackBerry E is a great music player for tracks outside those services. Too much customization, it supports different file formats, and allows you to curry up your collection the way you want it. Black player AC will allow you to embed rows, add alternative album covers or how much T -Win albums can be used with automatic tunes.

Alternative: Vanilla Music

Podcast body

My favorite app on Android, podcast body, podcasts, radio, audio books, YouTube, Twitter, and Wink allows you to listen in an app. There are built-in audio controls for adjusting playback speed, improving volume and silence; If you want to sleep on the soft tones of Sam Harris there is a sleep timer. But it helps you mark the cool things you hear using bookmarks and notes. Podcast lovers need everywhere.

Alternative: Bion Pod Podcast Manager

The best podcasts for raising your brain and attracting your friends

5. Moon + Reader

A simple, gorgeous book reader lets you read your readers. Rancer supports all relevant formats. Get it directly to online eBook libraries like Goodgogg. This application is for every luxury of luxury from the "special infrastructure", font space, ability to adjust to "eye health" mode for longer reading. For all, you can highlight and interpret what you read, and when you're done, your notes can be exported.

Alternative: FBReader

6. Android Auto

Android Auto is the most widely known among us by the fancy driving assistant in luxury cars. Basically, when you open the application, it displays a simple interface that allows your phone to use GPS safe, can make calls and play music. The Google Assistant lets you use voice commands to make calls, set reminders, and control your favorite media apps. Your phone can be safely GPSed when it's in the dash holder or car mount.

Alternative: Automated

7. EasyGen

Apple's great Airdrop may be like an Android alternative, Eagin allows you to connect with the internet on the same network without internet or pairing. No cables, no stomachs. While EasyJoin allows you to easily transfer files to your phone's PC, it offers a wide range of other functions. You can send SMS messages from your PC, quickly transfer multiple large files and folders and send out copies to your clipboard. The application enforcement will end, so you do not have to worry about privacy.

Alternative: AirDroid

8. MX Player

You have movies and TV What if Android phones are on a delicious screen? Make sure the hardware-acceleration, multi-core decoding of MX Player you can throw with any video file. It's fun to use a simple interface and adds gestures to make sure you're not dirty buttons or menus. Details of the MX Player design are very good, and you can change the style and color of the subtitles.

Alternative VLC Player

9. Bitmart

It's impossible to track them with your growing online accounts and passwords. BitMardane is a fast, safe and convenient device to keep your logins secure. You can store all the details in "secure voltage" that can be accessed on your phone or display, and whenever you need you will fill up your logins automatically. Bitwarden suggests appropriate and secure passwords and is 100% open source software.

Alternative: Keepass2Android

10. Nova Launcher

The Nova Launcher has been the oldest launcher for years, with more options available, and it is still highly customizable. For those who do not know, the launches will replace your home screen with more control and customizations. You can change the gestures and widgets from icons, layouts, and animations. Many of your time is often wasted to design an Android experience perfectly.

Alternative: Action Launcher

11. Telegram

WhatsApp is the most popular Group Messaging app. However, Telegraph's features and usability will not be compared. This is a great and simple design. The fastest message on the market. In addition, your messages are synchronized on all devices; You can also share videos, photos and other great documents that are not limited to you. The Telegraph provides unmatched privacy, automatically enables "self-churning chats" automatically. I'm trying to make my group chat to leap

Alternative: WhatsApp Messenger

12. Advanced Download Manager

One of the major achievements of the Android system is that you can download directly to your system. The Advanced Download Manager allows you to download any files that you think are directly from your browser to smartphones. You can download three files simultaneously, automate the download and then run on a schedule. There is also a built-in browser to simplify your search for legitimate and downloadable videos, music and other files. A better option than Android's unique app.

Alternative: Downloader and Personal Browser

13. CamScanner

This is a day of scanning documents and images in a lot of printers. Now, apps like CamScanner let you scan, store, sync and collaborate directly on your smartphone. Receipts, notes, invoices, etc. – Anything you wish to do is point to your camera – and CamScanner will remain for you. The CamScanner scan optimizes the standard, recognizes and manages the text from the documents, and lets you edit your files once you scan it in your secure database. If you need to scan your medical certificate to send that illness to your bosom, this is your app.

Alternative: Google Drive

14. Search for all

We know that Google is constantly searching for searches, but Google does offer that Google does not always have to be easy. This app lets you search the webpage quickly and user-friendly format across the web, with the combined results from a set of handy web sites. Web, image, videos, books or articles – select a category – type your search term and do all of the Search & # 39; Easy to use, navigate and searchable for specific "meta" items is much easier than normal search engines.

Alternative: Google

15. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is simple: answer quickly and with simple surveys and get Google Play credit. Do you discard bad data? of course. Is Google collecting information about Google? of course. Can you use this credit to buy apps, movies, TV shows, and games in the Play Store for gross data collection? From hell to yes-yes. Honestly, though, the app is great. No ads or hidden needs, and money will be available soon.

Alternative: Panel app


Without having better browser options, there are no built-in adblocking, 2x speed increments, data and battery optimization. The best browser experience on Android provides the break, lets you manage your privacy, save money on data, and avoid dangerous popups, malware, and trackers. The best browser experience combined with inappropriate privacy options and a killer lion is available – courage is a winner.

Alternate: Google Chrome

Brave boldness in Vimeo and intro of AdBlocker browser.

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