Saturday , June 19 2021

BGR – hardware upgrades for making possible phones of this Galaxy F.

Samsung will be Galaxy F at its SDC18 event last week unveiled what we are expecting, although it might have been asked by proper launch fans. We have only seen a new UI user interface, we realized that Google was involved in developing user interfaces for foldable devices and introduced the Infinity Flux display of Samsung's phone. But a new report from Korea reveals several innovations that enable such devices.

Galaxy S is still displayed in a flexible backup screen made by Samsung display, which is a firm on a flexible screen within iPhone, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Pixel phones. But since the OLED screen is flexible, there is no need to mean any boom in these phones.

This requires other hardware and Korean sites ETNews We have offered a simple monitoring of the suppliers that provide Galaxy F (such as other phones).

Sumitomo Chemical is a new flexible display cover designed to give glass to Samsung. The object is called Transparent Polymeride (PI), and you are going to touch when interacting with such tools. Sumitomo Chemical is capable of producing transparent PI covers, giving it a "luxurious" look like glass.

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Samsung display, in the meantime, a special type of optical-shaped gasket is developing Samsung's display for five years. It's crucial to ensure that the device comes back from the back, as this factor is not a fault in the layers of the screen.

What's interesting is Samsung's display-built OLED screen that can be used on Samsung's phone too. Samsung has selected the same "M8" OLED display, which was used for many flags of Samsung, including Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and Galaxy Note. All OLED screens got better reviews as those devices were out. Samsung indicates that Galaxy Aíes going to have a high end screen experience.

The phone needs a new burgeoning film and a ingredients structure, fold the chassis. Nichida da Coco and KH The volumes are distributors to these parts respectively. Keys are important for a flexible phone to replace glass ETNews It does not give any details about it.

Finally, Samsung indicates that in recent months it plans to produce a new screen mass.

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