Tuesday , January 31 2023

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Boris Johnson has told Sky News that if he becomes the next Prime Minister, then "cash is available" for his growing list of expenditure lawyers.

In an interview with Sophie Ridge on Sunday's event, her favorite funding choice was selected in an interview because she showed a plan to cut education and plan to pour billions of pounds into schools.

The former foreign secretary raised financial commitments from the extra police on the streets at Westminster, and has increased cash in transit for big tax and fast broadband for everyone.

Mr Johnson is an accepted leader in the fight against downstream foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Both men are currently on the road to the campaign, speaking in a series of signatures with party members, who will decide which candidate takes Tory Crown.

Speaking with Ridge on Sunday, Mr Johnson emphasized the importance of education and said that it is a top priority for the schools to ensure they have the necessary funding.

He is committed to an additional £ 4.6bn a year to pump up to 2022-23 if he receives a clue at number 10.

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Mr Johnson said: "I think education is one of the most important things we believe in Conservatives.

"In this sense it is a tool that every child has to make the most of their talent and their opportunities, and a great education is the job of giving to everyone in the state as a whole.

"What has been happening in the UK for the past several years is that many media are backing up in each of their criteria.

"So what I want to do, is one day, one level and make sure everyone, primary schools and secondary schools, get the necessary funding."

He gave extra support for special educational needs.

But on the rising list of expenditure promises by the Ridge and emphasizing "eating his cakes and eating it", Mr Johnson insisted that "Treasury Treasury" had "headroom available" and argued that "insane tax cuts" would produce growth and So will the revenue increase

He said: "Indeed, indeed, a great Tunisian scholar and Saint Eben Khalad in the beginning of the 14th century suggested that you will cut a lot of taxes which will actually increase your income and there are ways to make sure that you stimulate the growth, you excite the enterprise. Do and you get the maximum.

"But what is true right now is the cash available at the moment."

He added: "I think headroom is available at the moment and we intend to use it.

"I think you can do some great things to promote economic growth in tax cuts."

:: Full Interview with Boris Johnson – Talks of Education, Brackets and more – Sunday at 10am on Sunday Ridge.

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