Thursday , January 21 2021

Brooklyn Beckham and Girlfriend Hana Cross Attend Together with London Fashion Week Men

D.Beckham's Kent and the Curvie Show were shouting this morning, in which 20th collection of collections was introduced. Peeky Blinders – We talk about Khaki Tweed Blazers, Military Coverlocks, Sports Sweater, and Heritage Trovers. The son Brooklyn Beckham and his girlfriend were in the Hana Cross support, after every arrival the British brand was wearing a head-to-mouth.

A crispy jacket in Brooklyn, a callerless shirt and a baker boy hat Peeky Blinders-Based collection, while Hanna went to the British Cricket Jumper with cigarette trousers. Couple dressing is taken seriously? That's yes from us.

Before joining the Kent and Curvin AW1 shows this morning together, this couple made their first public appearances at the I / Loewe / Nature Launch Party on the last night of London Fashion Week Men's.

Although there is a sign of their first outing in this season, there is no unfamiliar settings for the fashion show Heena Cross – 21 years of age are like a brummlekin, with a British backdrop, a Woman's model. And this morning, both of them were keen to please his father. It's not so surprising because, let's face it, the collection of Kent and Cueven was a great success. With a new year in a timely fashion, this is apparently a couple of on the scene.

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