Friday , January 22 2021

Call Scotland for the High Blood Pressure Task Force

Blood pressure is measured

The Scottish Government has made immediate calls to establish a high blood pressure task force.

Cross-party group on heart disease wants to meet the prevalence of preference.

It claims that "silent killer" affects about 1.3 million Scots, many of them do not know.

High blood pressure can be a major risk factor when it comes to cardiovascular attacks and strokes, which cost an estimated £ 800 million of NHS per year in Scotland.

New Report – Beating High Blood Pressure: Scotland's Silent Killer – Following high blood pressure inquiries, which seeks advice from people living with positions and healthcare professionals.

He created the Task Force for the Scottish Government to adopt a more coordative approach to reach high blood pressure, its causes and its impact on Scotland's health.

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Professor David Webb says that three adults in Scotland have blood pressure but many people are unaware

The group behind it is made up of MSP, medical, patient and third sector organizations, including the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland, Stroke Association and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland.

In Canada, a co-ordinative approach was adopted to tackle high blood pressure in the late 1990's, and according to this study it has a significant positive effect.

It is speculated that treatment of adult people diagnosed with high blood pressure in Scotland can be avoided by around 300 strokes and 200 heart attacks every year.

& # 39; Real results & # 39;

Scotland's Public Health Minister, Fitz Patrick said: "The number of new cases of coronary heart disease decreasing in the last 10 years and the number of new cases of cardiovascular disease shows that our strategy for meeting heart disease is giving real results.

"We have also focused on addressing internal issues such as high blood pressure, which can lead to health problems.

"We support the latest public health policies in the UK to help people take more healthy food, stay active, stop smoking, and drink sensitive, help to live a long and healthy life. We will take full account of the recommendations of the report."

Cross-party group co-convener Colin Smith MSP said: "It is important that we take steps to better prevent, detect, and treat high blood pressure and take steps to self-govern people in Scotland."

Edinburgh University's Hypertension Specialist Professor David Webb added, "One Scotland will have high blood pressure at three adults but fewer than half of them will know it.

"They do not know it because it does not produce any symptoms and you do not know until you are measured.

"So this report makes clear that when we get the chance we should measure blood pressure in each."

& # 39; My life has changed forever & # 39;

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Alan Flein was born stroke at age 59

Alan Fly, former IT project manager of West Lothian, was diagnosed with high blood pressure after being diagnosed with stroke at age 59 in 2016.

He said: "I was diagnosed with high blood pressure five years ago. I was given a lot of advice about how to improve my health and reduce my blood pressure, but I focus much on my busy, demanding life and I Nothing has been done about it.

"After two years, I got a stroke and my life changed forever.

"I'm excited about the number of people whose life and wellness are in danger due to high blood pressure and they are probably not even aware of it.

"This report is a great start on the road to people to control their own health and to avoid the serious consequences of high blood pressure."

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