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Emily Ewis Confirms Another Glastonbury 2019 Headliner And Displays Great Site Development

It's taking shape …

Glastonbury boss Emily Eivis has announced that this year Janele will direct Moe West Holts stage.

Evis talked to Lauren Laveran on BBC6 this morning, when she said that the festival was "almost 90% from there" with line-up booking and that "the last 10% confirmation is now going on."

So far, Stormis has been declared as the first major stage of the Pyramid Headliner, in which Kylie Minogue's legendary slot & # 39; Has been revealed to Now, Mona has released her acclaimed 2018 album & # 39; Dirty Computer & # 39; Has been followed for the success of which is with a huge display.

Ives said, "Janele has got the head of the West Holts stage." "[Whenitwasintheyear2015itwasunrealistictolooksuspiciousitreallylookedlikeyouanditisincrediblysurethatitwillbe"[Whenshelastplayedin2015wasincrediblethatshowreallywasbrilliantYoucouldhavewatcheditwiththesoundoffanditreallywouldhavebeenincredibleItwillbequiteamoment"[જ્યારેતેણી2015માંરમીહતીત્યારેતેઅકલ્પનીયહતીતેશોખરેખરતેજસ્વીહતોતમેતેનેઅવાજથીજોયાહોતઅનેતેખરેખરઅકલ્પનીયહોતતેએકક્ષણહશે”[Whenshelastplayedin2015wasincrediblethatshowreallywasbrilliantYoucouldhavewatcheditwiththesoundoffanditreallywouldhavebeenincredibleItwillbequiteamoment”

Talking about other developments on the site, Eves said that Archadia is working on a new field and there is a completely new design, block 9 is expanding in the southeast corner and the & # 39; brain-blowing & # 39; The park has got something new with a new installation. With a brand new area it

Speaking of improvements on Glasto Site, Emily Ewis said NME Last year: "I think [in The Park] There will be some revolutionary switches around and some of the re-jigs. I was walking by the park yesterday, it was at 2 am, I look at the hills in all places, and they were binding and really closed. "

"I had this idea that we could suddenly [in The Park] It would be really realistic, and thought it would be really nice. You can not do that in a year of the year, but the two give us a little time. "

Emily added: "The talk about the festival is that it is run by the most dedicated team of people, and it actually puts everything in it. Everyone is committed to making it bright because it can be. When thinking about it, it is moving very much. I think they all will appreciate a break. "

Emily Ewis

Glastonbury 2017

Other rumors for Glastonbury 2019 include Paul McCartney, The Cure, Lana Del Rey, and Arctic Monkey. Many fans are speculating that Evenice may appear on Lauren Hill after commenting on her show this week, while Mela Be told that Spice Girls also "negotiate" with the festival.

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