Wednesday , January 27 2021

First Teen in the UK with Proton Beam Therapy for Brain Tumors | UK News

New NHS with rare brain tumor of a teenager in Sussex Proton Beam Therapy Center has become one of the first patients.

The facility at The Christi Hospital in Manchester is the country's first and i.e. cancer patients, for which proton treatment is considered necessary, it will no longer have to go abroad for care.

The 15-year-old GCSE student Mason was diagnosed with brain tumors in October.

He said: "I am worried about what I am going to do, but I'm also excited to start this treatment. I am very grateful for all the doctors involved in my care and I love doing what they do. Day – it will be my way of giving something. "

How much Mason said he is nervous & # 39; But not & # 39; excited & # 39; About to start treatment
Mason Katie said that he & # 39; nervous & # 39; But to begin the treatment, the & # 39; excited & # 39; Was there

Consultant Clinical Oncologist administers Mason's care in Gillian Wheatfield Christie.

She said: "Mason's tumor is low grade [slow-growing] Knot with high scope of therapy

"For Mason, compared to conventional radiotherapy, proton beam therapy should take less risk of some significant long-term side effects of treatment, especially short-term memory and the ability of learning capacities and radiation risks in the next eight decades, causing other nodes."

The new facility in Christie Hospital in Manchester is the country's first
The new facility in Christie Hospital in Manchester is the country's first

Proton therapy hit headlines five years ago, when a young cancer patient's parents, Ashi Raja, took him without a doctor's approval from the Southampton Hospital, because proton treatment was not available in the UK.

It sparked an international human being who arrested Arya's mother and father in Spain. The families were finally allowed to travel to hopes for the treatment of these families. She is now nine years old and is clear from her cancer.

Now eight, Ashiya can ride a bike and play football with her friends
Now nine, Ashiya can ride a bike and play football with her friends

Aishwarya's father, Brett, says that the NHS in the UK Being a Proton Center, it will be a game changer for kids like her.

He added: "It is very good to know that patients who have become cancer have no need to travel in the long run, they can get it locally in Manchester only.

"She will have fewer side effects and it is more beneficial for children than usual."

Juliet Harrison believes that her decision to pay for the treatment of proton in Prague has saved her life, and the Manchester Center wants to be the first among many in the UK.

"I hope that it will become more widely available as it is the best option for some people, so that they can get rid of the tumor, or at least tumor does not grow."

NHS in Manchester The England-funded center opened last year and is England's first NHS treatment center.

In the summer of 2020, the University College London Hospitals NHS There is a second exposure at Foundation Trust. It is expected that they will cure 750 patients every year.

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